Thunder Thighs

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  1. ok ladies I need help! I have what people may call "Thunder Thighs", is there any thing I can do to shed away some pounds that are stuck on my thighs? I look really awkward..My waist is about a size 5 to 7 but my thighs are a size 9. I walk around my neighborhood every other day for about an that enough?? Please HELP!!! Thanks:shame:
  2. Funny, my girlfriend told me she hates her "thunder thighs" as well. I actually like bigger thighs on a woman but thats just me hehe. The most important thing if you're walking is to keep up a good pace. If you don't need to breathe through your mouth you're probably going to slow. Also, if you think there's fat there, you could try to tone it up by doing some lightweight lifting. Make sure to do high reps and low weights though. Heavier weights will just make your thighs bigger in terms of muscle. Lighter weights will tone you up. Hope I helped!
  3. Get on the Stairmaster!
  4. i was just going to say run up and down the stairs. i hve the same problem.. do toning exrecises too they apparently help
  5. Just gotta shed the excess... light cardio will work... just gotta keep up on it and not expect results right away... good luck!
  6. Those chair-sit things against the wall really tighten that area, as well.
  7. You need to get The Firm workouts with the Fanny Lifter/ Transfirmer (14 inch step with optional incline). You do leg presses with weights on your shoulders and this really firms up the thighs! See I have been doing this for years and my thighs are firm. You will not regret getting The Firm. If you don't like it, you can sell it on ebay. I wanted the newer version of Transfirmer and was able to sell my old set for almost what I paid.
  8. This may not sound like what you want to hear, but typically people can not get rid of their 'natural' shape and what they were given- it can be slimmed, but possibly not go away fully if that is just how you look. But walking is really good for that... and maybe biking
  9. Well, I was a size 1 to 3 before I had it's like impossible to shed the extra 15 to 20 pounds I have left. I went from weighing 110 to 165 (during pregancy) down now to 130-133. I wasn't at all active when I was pregnant!! I
  10. ^ I don't know myself, but hear the changes after pregnancy are huge (duh right!!) I would sugges tto keep walking and do some biking... anything to try to lean out the legs. I am sure you are still a FAB mother!!!
  11. You do have to keep the changes that your body undergoes after pregnancy, and as you get older. Just because the Heidi Klums and Madonnas of the world can bounce back into a size two or zero after childbirth does not mean that this is a reasonable (or healthy) expectation for us normal folks. You can't be a size 1 or 3 forever, and as mentioned above, you can't fight your body type. It is what it is. As we've seen on the weight thread, we'd all like to be tiny, but that isn't reality. So don't beat yourself up. Focus on being fit, not a certain pants size.
  12. I've got fat all over the place:sick: but my legs not really. Keep walking for the aerobic/all over benefits but when you're home good old fashioned "leg lifts" I call them work really well. Lay on the floor on your side with your legs straight, and raise your leg as high as it will go and hold it there for 10 seconds. This works the inner and outer thigh muscles. and it will elongate not bulk up the muscle and burn the fat. Do 10 reps, flip over and do the other leg. Start out with 3-5 sets of 10 on each leg, every other day, and each week add more sets. Measure your thighs, but do not remeasure for at least 2 weeks-you will definetely see and feel the difference.
  13. Spinning,Spinning,Spinning.

    I lost INCHES off of my thighs from spinning. You burn TONS of calories, and it really concentrates on those thight muscles-- I was worried about bulking up, but my legs were actually skinnier than ever.