ThugMaster B

  1. No, we didn't really name our resuce kitty that, but ... it IS her nickname.

    Two teenaged girls brought a cat to our door a week ago and we took her in. So far, no one has claimed her and we've seen no advertisements looking for her.

    In the meantime, we took Blueberry to the vet and it turns out that she's not fixed (surprise!) and she's already had a litter (okay, not exactly a surprise either!). We've scheduled her for a spaying in two weeks, which should give someone time to claim her or she's ours (I invoke here the law of 'Finders, Keepers').

    After a sleepless night of yowling, I suspect that no one is looking for her. Aside from the fact that she's vocal, period, her hormones are making her a raging *****. I don't think she's in heat (no other signs apart from last night's cat karaoke fest), she was just expressing her displeasure with the fact that one of our other 3 cats sleeps with me and she wasn't allowed on the bed. This morning she's been hissing and slashing at the others.

    Previous nights, she was fine and her aggression had been going down.

    Is it terribly wrong of me to want to take her into the vet this week and say, 'PLEASE FIX THIS CAT!' and **** the consequences?
  2. Heeere's Thuggy! Errr ... I mean Blueberry.
    DSC01253 (2).jpg
  3. She was bored yesterday, so we took her for a walk. She's looking at ducks in the river below:
    DSC01262 (2).jpg
  4. What a beautiful kitty! Love the name Blueberry!

  5. Love it!!!!
  6. I think Blueberry is an extra cute cat!
  7. Thanks y'all.

    My husband let her sleep with him last night and we didn't hear a peep out of her.

    This cat is a super-genius. She's already learned 2 tricks (including scratching on a cat tree when I point at it) and is totally amenable to going for walks in the stroller. Last night when she wanted to go outside, she jumped into the stroller. She can be pretty sweet too.

    Unfortunately, though, she's also still running around like Freddy Krueger. This morning I think I've broken up about 6 attacks already.

    *ring, ring ... "Hello, vet's office?"*