*THUD* ... I NEED this ponytail scarf!!

  1. ... scrape me off the floor!!!

    While cruising through the Coach website tonight, I came across this:

    I NEED it!!! HOW funky!! That would totally make me smile when I saw that tied on my bag!!! What a pop of color! Definately on my PCE list... I'm sure some won't care for it, but I like the funk!!! ;)
  2. OMG! I love it!

    Do you know if the legacy skinny striped scarf like this was also $38 originally?
  3. This is on my list also; it is too cute.
  4. Yes, I believe the legacy striped ponytail scarf is also $38. I totally want that at PCE too!! I think this PCE is going to be accessories and shoes only!!
  5. It's adorable! I want one too!!!
  6. yea, me too. join the club!
  7. When I went to pick up my tote and wristlet from the store last night they had it tied on the white Hamptons hobo.......very cute!!!
  8. it looks so pretty, i want it too.
  9. It is very cute. I'm loving the orange.
  10. i love this scarf!
  11. This is cute. I saw another tpfer put it on their lv.
  12. Wow I REALLY love this piece! So adorable - you MUST buy this!
  13. cute!
  14. it's on my list too!! :biggrin:
  15. cute! i also LOVE the watercolor ponytail scarf.