Throwing The Perfect Baby Shower??

  1. anY IDEAS?lol!
    Im a newbie at baby showers.Im having food catered as the shower will be at 1 pm on a SATurday.
    Its for my daughter.who is having a boy.
    I made favors.(I got pastel baby blocks filled with ITS A BOY mints inside..then I have the custom ribbons with her name and the date of the shower on the outside.)
    Ive seen ideas...anyone know of some fun things to do during a shower?
    I want this to go smoothly.....I ordered ballons..I got cute baby bottle streamers for the house to decorate with.....Any ideas will b GREATLY aprreciated!THANKS!!!!!!!:heart:
  2. Jill, I am giving my sister a baby shower as well. The only idea I can suggest is: I am going to get some baby cloth diapers (by Gerber) and have them embroidered with baby's last name initial to use as napkins at the shower. Afterwards, to use the diapers (after it's cleaned of course) as burp cloth.
  3. Here is a fun game:
    -Make a pacifier out of Mike & Ike's (PM me for directions). String ribbon through as a necklace and give to each guest as they arrive. No one is allowed to say "baby" and if they do, the person that caught them takes their necklace. The person with the most necklaces wins.

    It is funny to see who gets competitve with this one... it is always the least expected...
  4. There is a great website that helped me plan a great baby shower. Got raves on it. And if you order they ship super quickly. But they do give good ideas.
  5. Also you could make some cards to hand out and have each guest write a helpful hint for the parents to be on it.
  6. I did the the following games at the last baby shower I threw:

    Guess the $ amount of a baby product. I put together a basket of baby items/neccessities: wet wipes, three pack of onesies, socks, bib, baby shampoo/wash, baby medicines (can't remember the two I bought but one came in a tube?), pacifer, diapers, etc.

    Each person has to guess how much each item is and whoever comes closest to the total w/o going over wins. And the basket is given to the person who is having the baby.

    What's in the poopy diaper? (this one is kinda gross)
    Get 6-8 chocolate candy bars in different flavors. IE: snickers, mars bar, almond joy, etc. Smash each one into a diaper and the person has to guess what is in each diaper. It made really funny pictures.

    I also ordered a basket of pretzels that were decorated for baby showers from Selena. They were a HUGE hit and make a nice centerpiece.

    Gift ideas / decorations:
    Handpainted in the colors of the room, a painting w/ the baby's name. They are so nice and personalized gifts are great!
  7. Try a "who knows the expectant mom" the best game. Make a multiple-choice quiz (10-15 questions) of things about the mom-to-be. She can help write it! Make it fun and funny and the guests will have a great time. There can be easy questions like, how did the mom- and dad-to-be meet to silly things like what is the mom-to-be's favorite vending-machine candy (or mixed drink or....) Some of the questions on mine were pretty outrageous, but go by who you know will be there and what their level of 'gets offended easily - or not' might be! Have fun!

    We also did the melted candy in the diaper game. Have done that at a few showers. It sounds gross, but it's actually kind of funny.
  8. Yes the melted candy bars in the diapers is the best game and can be sooo funny to watch everyone smelling diapers, ha ha. Also get a basket together filled with baby stuff and give everyone 20 seconds to study it then take it away and see who comes close to guessing what was in it.

    At one shower I went to they took the mother and mother in law (grandmothers) and blind folded them, then gave them both a fully dressed and diapered baby and they had to undress it, change its diaper and the redress it and see who could do it the fastest. It was a stitch since they were blind folded.
  9. ROFL@ the poopy diapers idea
  10. my friends and I are a little off color so we just came up with different slogans such as hang out with your wang out or rock out with your cock out. It was by far the most fun shower I've ever been to and every one was rolling on the floor laughing. Good luck with your shower.