Throwing myself on the mercy of the forum

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  1. HELP!

    I've been craving an H bag for what seems like forever. I've been browsing this forum for months trying to learn all I can about color, styles, and leather, for which I thank you. You guys know EVERYTHING!

    This is a pretty seldom purchase for me, so I'm really analyzing/agonizing over this. I've always bought lots of scarves, but have avoided tempting myself with purses. I could use help/advice, especially about leathers and styles. These are my limitations:

    1. I'm nearly 6 ft in flats, so tiny bags look silly, but large bags really hurt my back. I rarely carry bags as large as the 35 cm birkin unless I absolutely have to for travel.

    2. I'm a part-time antique dealer with generally very rich clients, many of them carrying kellys and birkins. The sad reality is that some of them would probably be a little miffed if I had a bag as recognizably expensive as theirs. I could actually lose clients over it. For the sake of my little business and my business partner, I need to go with something less immediately identifiable.

    3. I love box calf leather, but I live in a tropical climate. We get unexpected rainstorms, and they're frequently heavy. I read on the forum that box calf will blister if it isn't wiped off. Does anyone know how quickly blistering would happen? Exactly how obsessive-compulsive would I have to be to take reasonably decent care of box calf? Is there another option for a smooth surface that would be easier care-wise?

    In the last week, I've been in 3 different Hermes boutiques, and I find myself more confused than ever.

    If anyone has suggestions or opinions, I'd love to hear them. I really don't want to go back and keep mumbling "I don't know" everytime a SA asks what color, style, or leather I want. It makes me feel like an idiot.

  2. Are you set on a birkin or Kelly? What about a Bolide? it has a detachable shoulder strap and is beautiful! It is also not as recognizable as the Birkin or Kelly. Or even a Trim (in a beautiful toile since you live in a tropical climate) would be stunning.
  3. How about a Bolide or a Whitebus? They would be great for work.
  4. With that climate, I'd stick to chevre, togo, clemence, or fjord. Bolide is a good idea.
  5. Also, check out the Massai! With your height, this could be amazing on you!
  6. I'm wondering if your clients, especially if they're really into Hermes, would recognize all the Hermes bags, even if they're not Birkins or that case, the only thing I can suggest is what has already been suggested, although it seems to me that the Bolide is somewhat getting to be more recognizable (although certainly not on the same level as the Birkin or Kelly).

    Anyway, if you really do want a Birkin or Kelly, I suggest a Birkin in 30 cm or a Kelly in 32 cm, but in a really light leather, like togo. Swift seems pretty light, too, and it has the same look as boxcalf (but definitely not the same texture at all).
  7. ....Plume aswell.....I have the 37 and it's not heavy at all...
  8. Great suggestions.

    I'm not at all set on a Birkin or a Kelly. I would rather steer clear of both.

    Dealing in some kinds of antiques is a weird kind of business. I never advertise at all. I generally only take clients that I usually know socially or through other people that I know socially. I think the whole bag thing would only be noticeable or a problem at all if I carried something as iconic as a Birkin or Kelly. I think anything else would not even register with anyone.

    I'm obsessed with fine craftsmanship, and it just doesn't get better than Hermes.

    Thanks for the leather recs. As much as I love box, I've been really afraid of it because of all the rain here. I 'll definitely steer toward the textured leathers.

    Where can I find pics of the Whitebus (pronunciation?) and the Massai?

    You guys are the BEST!
  9. Go to the reference section and do a search for both. You will find plenty of pictures. Also, you can always do a search on ebay to see the general style.

    We have members with both so there are definitely pics of both. And just let me know if you have trouble finding pics, and I can help you out.
  10. Buffalo is touted as waterproof and that has been my experience. I try not to carry it in a deluge, but have had it get soaked once and it was fine when it dried. I think it is pretty much a special order leather.
  11. Welcome!!! My two bag recommendations are the Plume 32 and the Bolide 37. I'd check out Togo or Chevre. These bags are CLASSIC Hermes and are gorgeous and timeless. They also "fly under the radar" and won't be as recognizable as a Birkin or Kelly. These two bags are perfect for travel, lunches, shopping, whatever...and they're more lightweight than the Birkin.
    Good luck to you on your search!
  12. I love a Kelly but a Bolide is just as nice. The ladies here are fantastic, you are in excellent hands so don't worry :smile:
  13. How about swift and evercalf????

    Are both durable in rainy weather?
  14. Thanks everyone!

    Found the pics. I'd seen these bags in the reference section, but didn't really register them in my obsessed, overheated brain. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Massai! It has the added bonus that my DH won't even register it as an H bag, so I might just actually be able to sneak it in as a second. I can get a Bolide, which he'll recognize, then sometimes carry the Massai and just call it "Oh, this old thing? I guess I found it in an estate somewhere."

    Uh Oh. Now I'm trying to figure out how to lie to cover my H addiction. Sigh