Throwing a birthday party for my pregnant friend...Ideas?

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    So one of my closest friends is due in June, and her birthday is coming up the middle of this month! We are planning to throw her a slumber party, and do movies, board games and cards, and of course we are going to bake some cakes and do some cooking for our little mommy-to-be. Any suggestions on what we can do to gear it towards her pregnancy without making it all about the baby and not about her at all? In other words, I want to make sure she realizes that we are celebrating her birthday, and not the baby (that's what the shower will be for! :tup:). I don't want her to feel left out of her own birthday. Maybe some kind of theme we could do that would work? And what about gifts? I'm planning on getting her some pampering stuff, like some new make up goodies, and she likes to scrapbook, so I'm going to get her a new baby scrapbook and stuff to go along with it. Any other ideas about themes or gifts? We really wanna do a cool theme so she'll be totally surprised when she comes in! If you are pregnant and had a birthday, what did you want to do? Thanks!!!
  2. Just make sure all the food is fully cooked, fruits and vegs are thoroughly washed. :P
    You can get her prenatal massages but go easy on the bath soaks I'm not too sure which oils shouldn't be used on pregnant women but I read it somewhere they should avoid using bath bombs.
  3. Ok, thanks for the tips VPT! We were thinking more along the lines for facials, pedicure, etc.

    Any ideas for a theme?
  4. What a great friend you are!! When I was pregnant, it was all about food and relaxing! So, you are on the right path for sure!
    As far as themes, is there a movie or show she likes a lot? Maybe dress up like the characters. I think a Sex and the City party would be fun...
    Good luck and have fun! Sounds like a blast!
  5. OOO I love the idea of a Sex in the City themed party!!! She actually loves that show and movie! Maybe we'll rent the movie, do a black, white and pink color theme...Hmm...What kinds of foods can we make?
  6. Actually I would make the party all about her, there is going to be baby showers and baby gifts, etc galore in the months to come. I wouldn't make any gift baby themed. I received nothing but baby stuff for my bday and to be honest I was kinda like "what about me?"
  7. Sorry if this is too late, DH & I had a good laugh over this book at the store the other day:

    Porn for New Moms

    It's not what you think really...
  8. Hahahah VPT, we have already had the party but wow that book sounds so hilarious!!! May have to throw that in with her baby shower gift! Thank you so much for posting it!