Throwbacks: Old Cartoons/Toys

  1. I was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend today where we were discussing old cartoons/shows and toys from the 80's and early 90's. I think shows were much better back then and I remember with great fondness many different shows. So I figured I would start a thread for people to list old cartoons/shows and toys they remember fondly. :smile:
    So here is my list:

    Get-a-long Gang
    Zoobileezoo (sp)
    Muppet Babies
    Small Wonder
    The Littles
    Romper Room

    Those shaggy dogs in different colors (can't remember the name)
  2. I still have my Jem doll. Remember how you could put her pink hair in a hat and she'd be Jerrica?
  3. I love Jem! I wanted the Jem DVD set, but they are really hard to find. They're going for like 80 bucks on eBay.
  4. I'm in my early 40's so my favorite toys that I remember, love and still have are the old Fisher Price playsets. I had the parking garage, airport, and dollhouse....and let's not forget that Barbie Dreamhouse w/ the working was awesome!!!

  5. I looooved Popples :heart: I still remember the song for those. I also liked gloworms & pound puppies. For cartoons I liked smurfs, Rainbow Bright, & care Bears. Thats all I can think of right now.
  6. When I was very small, it was all about Lite Brite. My mom says I used to play with it for hours in my room. (Lucky for her!) I wanted an Easy Bake Oven, but my parents wouldn't buy it for me. I got the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine instead. My sister and I were totally into anything Snoopy, but we also liked the Sunshine Family and I had a Sindy doll. My favorite board game when we were a little older was Stop, Thief! and Masterpiece.

    I also wanted the Barbie Dream House with elevator, but my parents said no to that one too. Instead, I got the Barbie Corvette that my parents threw out after the batteries corroded in it. Sadly, it wasn't replaced.

    For TV, I tended to be a purist -- I watched Looney Toones most of the time.
  7. Maybe.... just maybe...there might be 2 other people here that remember "felix the cat" cartoons. the only reason I remember is a bunch of us were playing this game at the beach last summer and we could all picture him but just couldn't get the name - till 2 days later.
  8. OMG this is awesome i was a child of the 80s so lets see...

    Jem (of course she was awesome. i have one of the dvd sets and 2 tees)
    She-Ra!!!! (she was awesome. the DVD sets are out now too!! have to get it)
    Rainbow Brite
    Barbie (Barbie & the Rockers lol wanna be Jem)
    Cabbage Patch Kids
    Garbage Pail Kid stickers
    Small Wonder (omg obsessed with that show)
    Punky Brewster
    Muppet Babies
    Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers
    Darkwing Duck
  9. This would be my list too but I would also add The Letter People (No one ever knows who thery are!)! I used to LOVE Punky Brewster.

    Did you know they are selling Garbage Pail Kids cards again!?! LMAO I saw them at Target last week! HEE HEE
  10. Jem (I still have my Glitter n Gold doll mint in the box haha)
    Rainbow Brite (I had Patty O'Green, Rainbow Brite and a lot of the Sprites)
    Cabbage Patch Kids
    Punky Brewster (I loved those sun hair ties she had)
    Muppet Babies
    Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers
    Strawberry Shortcake (I still buy little odds and ends for the dolls from eBay! I really want the Berrykin ones)
    Care Bears
    My Little Pony
    Shirt Tales
  11. :girlsigh: good times...
  12. my faves are my little ponies (still are) popples and barbies! now i love blythe dolls.
  13. :nuts: OMG, lori, you and I must be of a similar 'vintage' :lol:

    I LOVED my Lite Brite (remember how those little black circles made by puncturing the black paper got everywhere?!) I happily baked crappy "cakes" with the light-bulb powered Easy Bake Oven (I think mostly cuz I'd smear a ton of frosting on those little undercooked "cakes"). I got creative with Spirograph and Colorforms! My friends and I would make Shrinky-Dinks and weave stretchy rings of cloth into potholders with our Potholder-makers. Of course, there were the numerous Play-doh sets, and my favorite was the barber-chair one where you'd pack the little guy full of Play-doh, put him on the barber chair and crank it til his "hair" sprouted. Then you could cut or shave it!:p

    We played with Holly Hobbie and Strawberry Shortcake & friends dolls. My brother and I played with our Star Wars Deathstar 3-tiered structure with the garbage pit with foam "garbage" that had a crank to move the walls inward to "crush" Luke, Princess Leia, R2D2 and C3PO figures. :lol:

    When I was really young, I really wanted a Baby Alive doll - it had a battery-operated mouth that moved when you 'fed' her this nasty pasty mix and supposedly this caused diaper-related activity. My mom (rightfully so, now as I look back) thought this was simply gross and she refused to buy one for me. Good thing I had Rub-a-Dub-Dolly to take in the bath instead!

    Wow! Can't believe I remember all of this!! :roflmfao: Fun thread!!!
  14. Wow you ladies are bringing up things I had forgotten!

    I had the Snoopy Sno Cone thing too and I LOVED IT. And of course Pound Puppies, Rainbow Brite.

    And Lassie as well.

    And I thought I was the only one that actually found the Garbage Pail Kids kind of interesting.

    I loved Cabbage Patch Dolls. In fact, I used to get ont for Christmas every year. My first one was Bo Murphy. He had on a cute little baby warm-up suit. Gosh, the memories!!
  15. ditto. big fan of the WB cartoons from the 1940's and 50s. Got the DVD collection.