Throwback dance songs!!! Can you name some?

  1. Hey guys I'm trying to make a cd for a party... can you help me... I got a decent amount but I could always do with more!!!

    An example- (IOU- Freeze) a popular throwback song lol..

    TIA :smile:
  2. 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters

    Another Night by The Real McCoy

    Mr. Vain by Culture Beat
  3. ^^ awesome thanks!!!
  4. Be My Lover by La Bouche

    Sweet Dreams by La Bouche
  5. ^^ I had one of the 2, this cd is going to be awesome lol!
  6. Okay, ONE more and then I'll give other people a chance to answer . . .

    Ramp! (The Logical Song) by Scooter.
  7. ^^ u think me being from jersey and all would know that song but I didn't lol. Thanks I just added it to the list!
  8. That's "I'll be your freakazoid come on and wind me up" song. You know. By Midnight Star.

    "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc.
  9. "le disko" - Shiny Toy Guns:tup:
  10. thanks guys ^^ that's a great song but it's a little too new for the cd. I'm trying to figure out where I heard it!
  11. Venga Boys- We like to party!!!!!

    no dance party w/o that song!!!! lol
  12. ^^ Along that same line, Boom Boom Boom Boom (I Want You In My Room) by the Venga Boys.
  13. I wanna go to this party!
  14. Would you make fun of me if I said the Cha Cha Slide?

  15. everybody dance now by C&C music factory