Throw an opinion this way!! Coach sunglasses are here!


Which one do you like best for Bubbles?

  1. Coach Patti Sunglasses (perfume print inside)

  2. Name Unmentioned Burgundy Sunglasses

  3. Coach Alicia Sunglasses

  4. Your hubby is sooooo gonna put you in time out one of these days... you little shopaholic, you! ;)

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  1. 'Hello, my name is Bags4Bubbles - and I have a Coach sunglasses addiction...' (...specifically in the burgundy color).

    Group: 'HI BUBBLES!'

    Oh dear... apparently having a birthday justifies just a bit too much shopping in my world... I wonder if hubby will notice?

    OKay, pics are included of the new Patti sunglasses (the ones with the perfume print on the inside)! Give me honest opinions here folks, I can handle it... (Well, please ignore wardrobe & makeup... I am slacking until I have to get ready for class tonight.)

    The poll really isn't to decide which ones to keep, unless you folks think that a certain pair just looks atrocious on me... :supacool: It's more or less, to see which one should be my daily driver, and if there is one that looks better then all the rest. ... TIA!!

    Coach Patti Sunglasses:

    Coach Patti Sunglasses... what they would look like if I would lose 10 pounds:

    Previous Burgundy sunglasses that one or both of these is supposed to replace:

    Coach Alicia Sunglasses... what I like to call 'running for the paprazzi':

    LOL... okay - so after having to look at all of these... Which ones do you like best on me? The Coach Patti Sunglasses, the Unmentioned Name Sunglasses, or the Coach Alicia sunglasses.... :flowers:
  2. lol! I think I like glasses 1 and 2 best!
  3. I love the Pattie
  4. honestly I liked the new ones the Patti's and the second pair but not so much the alicia. I just got peony love them also love the Eva's
    had samantha looked funky on me but killer on my daughter. I had never thought of getting burgendy glasses something new to think about lol
  5. LOL... thanks ladies! More opinions appreciated!

    Darn.... this was what I was starting to think too. :push: I drove the Coach stores nuts for like 2 weeks trying to find those Alicia sunglasses, and now - I still haven't used them and I do think I like the Patti's better... (Oh dear, I hope sprinkles doesn't read this thread... :shame:smile:

    *sigh* I think I still might keep the Alicias, and use them for fun weekends & everything... I keep wanting to pull them out - but I am just WAITTING for my DH to make fun of me in them... They have rhinestones though!! :cutesy:

    Coachnut - I expect an honest opinion tomorrow, if I remember to bring one or both with that is. :p
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Bags you crack me up! Too funny! :lol:

    I really love the Patti sunglasses on you. They're adorable! :yes:
  7. Don't feel bad I now own 3 pairs of Coach sunglasses and am trying to figure out what to do with 2 of the pairs will probably put them up on eBay as I can't jusitify why I NEED 3 pairs

    I just bought the Charlee's in black but I may switch to white?? Oh I don't know
    also own the lauren's and sadie both are burgandy. Sadies are new havn't even worn those!!

    Keep the fragance print or heck be like me and own all 3!hehe
    I won't tell if you won't
  8. hmmm they sparkle likie
    I have been eyeing coach allie on eBay they have the rhinestones too :O)
  9. patti's all the way.
    They "fit" better imo
  10. Of course I was going to read this! :lecture:

    I love those patties, I didn't realize they were such a good size! I think they fit your face perfectly. The alicias are cute but..... pattie all the way.
  11. Nvm Im silly

    The patties lol
  12. LOL... whoops... BUSTED. (That was quick.) :graucho:

    I think the Pattie's are going to be more for daily wear, whereas the Alicias will be more special occasion or I'm feeling "frou-frou" that day... (You know, I have a fur trimmed vest for those winter days when I'm feeling "frou-frou", the Alicias would be darling with it...)

    I admit, I am slightly pouting here - because I think I knew that I like the Pattie's better then the Alicias, but I needed reinforcement... However, I want to wear the rhinestones everyday!! They just don't look like everyday sunglasses though... :push:
  13. :sneaky: Deal... I don't really NEED all these pairs of sunglasses... but whoever said I bought what I "needed"....
  14. Alright frou frou, i'll put rhinestones on your patties! bring em here.
  15. The Pattis look great on you! I like those ones the best.

    And the picture of you "if you lost ten pounds..." :roflmfao: