Thriller movie "Austrailian" ??? Title??

  1. Does anyone know the name of that movie that came out in 2005 I believe....

    It's a thriller, murder/slasher movie...supposedly a "True Story" about a killer in the Austrailian Outback....

    I've seen the movie and cannot for the life of me remember the name of it...

    The actors are nobodies, no known actors. It's about 2 women and a guy going on a trip across the outback and they encounter some guy that helps them with their broken down car...he later is the killer.

    I was telling my bro about it but can't remember the name to tell him...ugh...:shrugs:

    Anyone???? Thx!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nevermind....

    Dh just called and told me...he's out of town...



    Thx anyways!
  3. Never got a chance to see that movie, but I intend to soon. I love horror/thriller movies!! I still have to rent Hostel. Saw Mindhunters just the other day and loved that movie.
  4. I like thriller more than horror. I HATE the blood and guts Texas Chainsaw Massacre type movies, although I did enjoy Kill Bill 1 and 2. (I think because there was so MUCH blood that at some point I got desensitized to it. (I still shudder over the Black Mamba sequence in the second movie. Euugggghhh!)

    I liked From Hell because it didn't show anything DURING the killing, only the aftermath. And the Jack the Ripper spin was very interesting.
  5. It does start out slow...(say the first 40 mins or so)...but stay with is pretty bloody....but then again I like scary, gory, movies..

    Scary killer movies, ghost movies, action, comedies, romance, drama...
    LOL I love movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's dh and I's hobby...collecting and watching movies!
  6. I love gory movies too!! Did you see Saw 2? I'll have to rent that one too. Seen the first one.
  7. Missypoo, I watched Hostel on the weekend and you'd never guess that Tarantino was involved. I didn't find the movie scary or gory enough (was quite dull actually). I've got Saw 2 sitting here for watching tonight - hope it's as good as the first.
  8. Yep! Saw....LOL....."Saw 2" heehee!! DH and I are going to watch Saw 3 this wkend. and maybe Final Destination 3....dh was thinking of going to buy it.

    My bro was telling me that "The Hills have Eyes" is good too! He said it was bloody...I told him that doesn't bother me..I told dh and he was like "Oh ya...hmm, we'll have to ck. that one out too."

    My bro said the Hills have Eyes is sorta like "The Texas Chain Massacre",...and somewhat comparable to the movie "Wrong Turn". Which is also weird...not too scary though...
  9. I didn't know they made a Saw 3. I better get caught up. My DH hates scary movies, so I'm left to watch them by myself. I remember that movie Rob Zombie did I think it was called 1000 corpses? Now that was a gory film. I still think that the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the best.
  10. Yep, I agree....the original "Texas Chainsaw" is a CLASSIC!! :yes:
  11. I just saw The Hills Have Eyes and it is sooo disturbing! OMG! :wtf: Wrong Turn is nothing compared to it. I actually got a nightmare the night after I watched it. lol.
  12. Although I DID like the clip in The House of Wax when Paris Hilton gets stabbed in the head! (I didn't even see the entire movie, but I loved that clip!)
  13. Wolf creek - hmm there been a few backpacker murderers in OZ, scary.
  14. Cabin Fever . . . that movie was more funny than scary.

    (I only saw it because Rider Strong is hot!)
  15. LOL I finally saw House of Wax featuring Paris Hilton and I can't believe it, but I actually liked the movie.