Thrilled - but not sure if I got a good deal!

  1. Hi People,

    I bought myself a horsebit gucci clutch yesterday at the Woodbury Outlet Mall in NY and I am beyond thrilled.:yahoo:

    This is a Brown/Maroon leather clutch with the chain.
    I will put up the pics tomorrow.

    But the only thing thats bothering me is that I'm not sure of the original price of one of those. I will be even happier if I knew I got a great deal. :shrugs:

    Does anyone know/own one of those? How much did you get it for?
  2. not sure the retail for that item, but woodbury commons is notorious for great deals

    if you love it, who cares!

    enjoy your bag!
  3. Enjoy your bag.
  4. Congrats!!!! You got AT LEAST 30% off full price if you got it at an outlet store
  5. please post photos would love to see your deal
  6. Oh congrats! Love that bag, would kill for it in cream. I have one and it cost about 500 USD.