Thrill of the hunt???

  1. Does anyone else suffer from "Thrill-of-the-hunt"-itis? I swear when I'm looking for a certain bag that it will be "the one". I'll use it forever and quit my obsessing about purses. The problem is, practically the day I find a great deal (especially on something great at Marshall's) I start looking for my next conquest...I've decided there is no one perfect bag, but really, just how many does a person need???!:cry:
  2. I do it ALL the time!:biggrin: The thought of getting the bag is so exciting, then when you get it, it's like OK, what can I find now.. It's a vicious cycle that my credit card does not like! LOL
  3. I so am in that hunt and kill mode for all shopping but especially for purses

    especially because one of my bag requisites is from a sale table
  4. I'll often go out "window" shopping for purses, swearing up and down that I won't buy a single one. And of course, I come home with two or three. Or I say that I'm just going to get one "perfect" purse for whatever occassion and end up finding a couple "perfect" purses.
  5. guilty :shame:
    I got 3 purses for my B-day ended up returnig one b/c I ddn't love it and comtemplating selling another. But now I've moved on and there are at least 3 bags on my list and I'm not sure I love any of them. I need to slow down
  6. I tend to decide I HAVE TO HAVE a bag that is discontinued or past season. Talk about hunting!:biggrin: For example, right now I am searching (and this has been quite a search) for a Cynthia Rowley bag that I have since found out is at least 2 seasons old and is NOWHERE to be found. Not in any stores (TJs, etc...) outlets (Off Fifth) or anywhere on the internet (incl.eBay). I will find it though, then I'll be off on another hunt! At least it keeps me from buying too frequently!:biggrin: So I totally understand what you mean about the thrill of the hunt!
  7. i've had a list of bags what i wanted to get, especially the paddy n a dior romantique bag.. but for now, I can wait.. i have so many bags I don't even use......... definitely slowing down for a while here..
  8. I am relating to Alvie223.

    I have my list of clothing wants (but they have to be steeply discounted), and prowl the stores and web constantly for same.

    I have my list of post-season bag wants (also need to be steeply discounted), and prowl the stores and web constantly for same.

    I have my list of IT bag wants, and am constantly working on financing for same (read here: selling off stuff, saving my lunch money, tallying my total every week, etc.). I put one more Phoebe to bed over the weekend (my third), and am now figuring out how to swing the Elgins (in a variety of colors, of course!). :biggrin:

    I need all this stuff like a hole in the head, but it sure is fun.
  9. Well... I think I have about 10 now.... so... 11? (may need to be adjusted at a later date)
  10. I'm like that with handbags too - I've got to have it, it's essential to my happiness - of course it only lasts till the next passion develops - It reminds me of how some men are about women.
  11. LOL same here!!!
    I love looking for my next purse ;)

    And after I get it, I have to move on and find a new one!
  12. i'm exactly like that too! everytime i eye an expensive bag, i convince myself of how it'll be a classic, and i'll use it forever, etc, etc. after a week or so, i start comtemplating about another new one. I usually still love the old one, but i'd be looking for excuses - i.e if only the straps were longer, etc to start looking for a new one.
  13. YES YES YES!!! That's my problem exactly, and I fee so guilty about it. I just want to be happy with my stuff, but the minute I get it..... I hope I can recycle what I have!!! I hate this obsession sometimes.
  14. Guilty! eBaying for good deals on authentic bags hasn't stopped since I started!
  15. I can relate to this lust compulsion with unsatiable appetite to seek out and then hopefully feel satisfied, but alas,no.
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