Thrill of the chase?

  1. Hi Ladies! My first post! I'm a LV girl at the moment, wishing to become an Birkin girl. But I'm just curious, it seems like a lot of the fun in Hermes is in the hunting. I've been enjoying all your Hermes tales, and now I'm wondering if you've ever felt let down after getting your Birkin. It seems like such a buildup, looking for one. I'm sure it's a different thrill just being able to take her around. But is there a bit of a let down or does it just make you want to keep looking for more? And now that I'm on the hunt too (thanks Ladies!), I'm wondering what to expect! Cheers!
  2. No, the thrill continues, in my experience. Plus, you just set your sights on the next one and the hunt is on again!
  3. The thrill doesn't end for me once I get the bag. The thrill grows because now I have a beautiful bag.

    So then I start to look for my next bag. Only with me, it isn't strictly birkins. I like hunting for evelynes, kellies, and bolides as well.
  4. If the thrill is over when you receive the bag then you know that bag wasn't for you. That is exactly what happened to me when I got my 28cm sellier miel porosus Kelly. I was DYING for it and then, when I received it, I wasn't over the moon. I kept coming up with excuses - it was too big for me, it was too heavy for me, it wasn't really "me" at all.

    I just received my first Birkin two weeks ago and I am totally over the moon! I haven't put her down yet (which is very unlike me - I usually change bags every day). This is one of my very favorite bags ever. I had always considered myself a Kelly girl (and still am) but I am in LOVE with my Birkin! :yahoo:
  5. I wanted one for 6 years before finally scoring the exact color/leather combo I wanted. That was 2.5 years ago and I still almost hiccup with glee when I carry it. I think when you want something so long and just HAVE to wait - you really come to know if it is something you really want and you appreciate it more. I did not have let down but I did have panic at first since I know that if something happens to it I cannot just replace it. Not due to money but due to the lack of availability of Black Birkins. So this gives me pause and I just take care of her more. (Do not take her to hair salons, etc)

    The one thing my first Hermes bag did was spoil me from spending money on any other bags that are not as finely made. Now my letdown is from seeing the construction of other very expensive brands. My SA at Hermes told me that if you were to cut most other bags down the middle you would find they are full of cardboard/paper. With Hermes the entire construction is leather and this is what makes it last so well. This was a nice thing to know and also something that sours me when I see an IT bag in the store window of some other store.
  6. ^OT: Love your cat Ninja Sue!
  7. I think you must have the mentality that as you begin this hunt you really love the look of the bag, the quality, the fact that is will work in your lifestyle and not just look to purchase it because it is an "IT BAG".

    If you don't start out with at least that you will be disappointed.

    These bags are expensive and you have to place some thought into the purchase prior to the hunt.
  8. i don't enjoy a hunt. no sir. i don't enjoy a hunt or a wait. i enjoy a bag and the delight at owning and carrying an hermes bag absolutely goes on forever, imo. that is what makes it worth it to me.
  9. I love my bags as much as the first day I purchased them.
    No scratch that.
    Definately more!!
    I sometimes think that Hermes must put a "love potion" in the bags because I adore each and every one a lot!!
  10. LVCGirl, it's always great if you can play with the bags of your choice. Birkin is so high profile, that to me, that's almost a turn off and I don't know why? There are many Hermes styles, just as beautiful and fuctional.

    Do as much exploring as you can before you jump on the Birkin bandwagon. They are a great style, no doubt ( yes, I do have one and I like it )....but, there are many many Hermes styles that might suit you just as well or better if you could go in store and try them, which is always the ideal way to get acquainted, with Hermes.

    You also, at the same time, build up relationships with the store SAs, which, when you find a really good one, is a great way to get the bag of your dreams, be it Birkin or other H style.
  11. So do I!! Tammy obviously has great taste in Moms who have great taste in Hermes:p
  12. Perfect answer, HH!
  13. I don't like hunting down bags. I'd rather 'discover' them.

    As for waiting, I tend to forget that I even placed an I'm always pleasantly surprised when I get the call from my SA that it's arrived.

  14. It's not so much the hunting as it is dreaming and's the knowledge that you can walk into any boutique in the US and possibly not see the same thing twice. There is so much variety you most likely would not see the same bag more than a handful of times.

    Hermes is produced slowly and thus is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed at the pace at which you can obtain it (for most of us, Hermes is purchased at a much slower rate than LV, Chanel, or Gucci). It is very hard to be disappointed about something you dream about and wait for for a long time.

    Enjoy the journey!
  15. Oh goodness, no let down whatsoever. I love and cherish my babies.

    Hermes is different. Not like you can just walk into the boutique and every imaginable handbag style/color is laid out or obtainable per your fancy. This limited supply & quantity teaches you patience (thus the wait and/or hunt). But it also teaches you how to fine-tune your tastes and KellyBag kindly mentioned, gets you to really think about your future puchases. Especially when the bags range from $x,xxx to $xxx,xxx.