Thrifted Burberry Blazer!!

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  1. So I'm brand new to Burberry as this is my first find that actually fit me well enough to bring home! I found a Burberry's of London trench a few weeks back and left it because it was sizes too large on me and regretted it so much since my mom said she would have worn it but alas it was gone when I made it back.

    I was looking for a navy blazer since I have a job interview at Coach on Saturday. If I get the job part of the uniform is a blue blazer which I didn't own. Well I found one today and am going to be super stylish if I do get the job! This jacket is so well made and it has riri zippers!

    Does anyone know what the back "butt pocket" is supposed to be for? It seems like an odd spot for a pocket LOL but it unzips and goes all the way across the back? Not sure if you can see it too well but it's in the second pic if you look closely it's like a hidden zipper that unzips and goes all the way from one side to the other at the back and sits right at the top of my butt when I have the jacket on LOL!

    Also what is the difference between Burberry and Burberry Prorsum like the tag says? Is this a different line?

    Any tips on how to care for a coat like this? I'm assuming it's a dry clean only deal since the lining is hand stitched in places?
    I need to sew a button back in place, but for 12.99 I think I can manage to do that since I'm sure it retailed for much more! Plus it's in really great condition anyway so I don't mind taking it for special treatment once in awhile.

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  2. Awesome find! You are a lucky girl! The prorsum line is usually the runway more upscale line as compared to the more classic London line.
  3. Thanks! I did a ton of research so now I know what to look out for if I ever come across more Burberry items at this store! I already found a vintage Burberry's of London trench there but it was massive on me, and then this jacket! I'm going back Thursday when I have the evening free and I will see what else I can bring home :biggrin:
  4. Great find! I really like the color:smile: Enjoy it :biggrin:
  5. Congrats on ur find!!! The color is nice!
  6. congrats!