Thrift Store Finds!

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  1. Okay ladies i didnt see a thread for this but i was ondering who here shop lots at thrift stores and 2nd hand stores? I know i do and boy do i find bargains! from Abrocrombie, bebe, bcbg,Zara, Marc Jacobs,Neimen Marcus, the list goes on to what you can find! and i never pay over 6.00!

    Post pics of yourself modeling anything from a thrift store and how much you payed!!

    Pics of myself comming soon!

    (sorry of this is already posted somewhere)
  2. There was another thread that got moved to General Shopping, I think. I personally preferred it here since I don't really frequent that subforum.
  3. All the goodwill stores in my city are 1.00 for all clothing and shoes today. .50 for childrens. On my way now! will post my finds when i get home! Wish me luck!
  4. FYI: There is a Thread called: What a fabulous outfit and it cost what: Anne is the founder and you should see some of her fabulous finds. A lot of other people who thrift shops or bargain shop have posted their outfits. You should check it out...
  5. Any thread that talks about thrifting is my type of thread!!!! I am sure ai will post stuff here....and can't wait to see you things ladies!
  6. Just had a thrift shop haul!

    LUX batwing wool top £7
    Longchamp belt £3
    M&S Autograph leather clutch £4
    Pied A Terre ankle boots £5

  7. Love that clutch bag! The whole outfit is great!
  8. i realized i never posted what i got from the 1.00 sale. going to go upload pics now!
  9. red black and white blazer. easy to throw over a black dress for work.
    black and white blazer, again, easy for work
    another jacket. olsen europe. not my normal colour pallete, but i think ill enjoy it
  10. two skirts i found, i LOVE the white one so much! cant wait for it to warm up so i can wear it!!
    bronze nine west shoes, LOVE and worn already! still had the price tag on them!!
  11. oh!!! and this nygard wool coat. I am usually a size 8-10 but this size 8 is a little big. think im going to get it taken in a bit! Retails for 350.00. 90% wool, 10% cashmere. and the hood buttons on and off
  12. I went thrift store shopping for the first time a week ago...
    A Marc Jacobs long denim skirt for $3.99
    A pair of Express white cotton summer pants with silk tie belt $3.99
    A cherry print bustier type summer top by Gianni Bini $1.99
    A pair of J. Crew capris in a neat retro looking pink brown and green large tropical floral print $3.99

    Here's a part of the haul : )

  13. Wow!!! Nice haul Jencine!!! I LOVE the skirt! Man i wish i lived in a city that SOLD designer labels (would make it easier to find them in thrift stores if you could buy them in regular stores!!!

    BCBG, Ellie Tahari, Michael Kors, Max Studios, thats as exciting as it gets here!!
  14. I was in Sacramento at the time... they had a racks of general just "women's clothing"... and a rack of what they categorized as "better clothing"; go figure the Marc Jacobs skirt was in with the the "junk" category :P
  15. wow!!!! I am horribly jealous!!!! I only wear skirts ( have some velour track suits for around the house, and some pj pants, but otherwise I dont even own pants!). And that demin one i WANT!!!!!!!!!