Thrift store finds

  1. I love thrift store shopping ...I have found some really nice and authentic handbags when I go. Here are some Coach finds....I love the chocolate brown vintage leather shoulder bag.:yahoo:
  2. WOW!! Wish my thrift stores had coach lol!! Good finds midg!!!
  3. Great finds! You are one lucky lady! Congrats on everything!
  4. Wow, that's great.

    I don't shop at thrift stores as I hate having to dig through everything, which is why I don't shop at stores like Winners, either.

    However, if I thought I'd find Coach there I'd likely go.
  5. that bag purple. Its beautiful.
  6. hmm.. maybe it's time for me to go to thrift stores:idea: I love your finds!
  7. I love Thrift store shopping! I haven't been lucky enough to find a great bag yet, but I can find a hell of a deal on some jeans! I think I will scout some other stores in the area...see if I can get lucky.

    The bags are great! Congrats.
  8. It looks to be a chocolate brown....I think the flash on my camera makes it look purple. The other two are a reddish color. They had some other ones, but they looked really worn out. These were the best I found.

    They had a real pretty fabric lined Coach, but wanted $120.00 for it. The leather handles were turning the deep tan color and the outer fabric was dirty. When I saw the price I was like WTF:wtf:. I settled for these and I'm quite happy:heart:
  9. wow lucky you to find such a beauty in the thriftstore.. Congrats!!;)
  10. I love thrift store shopping, but I never find stuff like this! They all look to be in great shape too...excellent finds:tup:.
  11. I buy most of of my coach bags at my locate thrift store. The ladies who run the shop could care less about all the nice hand bags that come in their shop. The sale all the nice bags coach,gucci, cole haan for really cheap. I paid $4.00 for a suede blue coach that came out in 2006. That little beauty made my day. I love my locate thrift store.
  12. You're so lucky. How much did you find them for?