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  1. Keep an eye out in those resale shops, ladies, because you never know what you might find!

    Recent addition I forgot to post about but had to share. $75 authentic Damier Ebene Westminster GM. I'm so in love with this bag...

    ...but i just sold it about 2 hours ago to fund my watercolor speedy, because I had to when I found a white one to be a sister for my brown 30 for less than $1K! I know, I'll never get another deal like the Westminster on a pristine bag... but i keep telling myself it was worth it for watercolor and I will just have to add this to my list to keep an eye out for on the preloved market when I'm off ban island, right?

    :crybaby: :cloud9: :drinkup: have you ever gotten a killer deal on something then had to choose whether it was worth giving up or not to score something even better? I know you all feel my pain. The struggle is real! But I've managed to find at least a half dozen LV and Chanel pieces for less than $150 at resale shops. I love seeing threads where people score killer deals like that, so if you all have any, please do share!

    Meanwhile here's the lovely Westminster, and a couple gratuitous shots of the Aquarelle I found for under $1K (she has her own thread) which made me part with the Westminster GM after only getting to carry her for a week! I might add that I gave the new owner of the Westminster a fantastic price and it was her first LV and she was almost in tears she was so excited, so that felt good :loveeyes:

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  2. WOW!! My jaw dropped reading that about your killer deal! That is amazing! Congrats!! :smile:
  3. That's awesome! Love the water color bags. Where are you going to find these amazing deals? :graucho::woot::yahoo::roflmfao::graucho:
  4. Thank you! Just a heads up to keep an eye out on your local resale shops...
  5. Amazing! Looks like new. Congrats :smile:
  6. This is such a cool story. Beautiful bags:loveeyes:
  7. I need to passively smoke whatever you are smoking.... Y'know to sniff out these killer deals! :biggrin:

    You have a penchant for scoring amazing bargains, congrats again! :heart:
  8. Wow such an amazing story!! I wish we had those kind of stores here �� Such stunning bags!! ��
  9. :lolots: I should have been a personal shopper. Then I could live vicariously through the fabulously wealthy and keep my money all for traveling. Maybe in my next life. :girlsigh:
  10. What an amazing find and flip! Heck yes girl!
  11. #11 May 14, 2016
    Last edited: May 14, 2016
    That amazing deal! [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33]

    I never believe just because a bag that retail for $1000 and it on secondary market for dirt cheap, it good to be true. Although the saying can be true though.

    I remember a long time ago watching on MTV show documentary of a girl who has major shopping problems. It show a scene of her selling her clothing and LV bags. She was so upset of the amount she got back for her LV bags. I think the thrift store gave her 10 or no more than 100 bucks for each LV bags. LOL
  12. You are my hero!!! What a great deal and it helped you get what you really want.
  13. That's a great find and Congrats on the flip for your Unicorn!!:woohoo: I've been a thrift store shopper, yard sales, estate sales, you name it , my whole life and the best deal I've found was an expensive baby carrier for $2.99.
  14. Awesome deal! Congrats!
  15. I've been a thrifter for years and that is an amazing deal. Did they think it was fake when they priced it? I found a Trocadero 27 for $75.00 once but that was it. I thought my $600.00 Chanel was a bargain. I can't imagine one for less than $150.00. I want to live near you.
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