Three's a company... Triple reveal <3 <3 <3

  1. Hello Ladies,

    this season got me really crazy - so much lovely colours and leathers! There were three items/colours that caught my eye and I simply had to get them... Luckily all three of them were available in Germany :yes:
    My wallet and bank account need a rest now :biggrin::lol:

    so who's here to join me on a triple reveal of lovely goodies from Act II?

    (pics show different background because I bought them at different days, two of them at my local boutique, the third one was delivered to me from another boutique)
    IMG_7439.jpg IMG_7701.jpg IMG_8137.jpg
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  2. Here:smile:
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  3. ok, so let's start with the first one... since I saw the first pics here on tpf of this colour I knew I had to get it - and luckily my local boutique received it. It's the first one I bought of these three beauties - so with no further ado, presenting the WOC in the metallic purple

    sooo beautiful, I love it :heart::girlsigh: the metallic sheen is amazing and I love how the colour changes in different lightning
    IMG_7449.jpg IMG_7453.jpg IMG_7459.jpg
  4. the next one is also from my local boutique... and once more I got hooked on this one when I saw pics of it here on tpf :biggrin: (tpf is really a dangerous place for my wallet :p)

    presenting the Chevron rainbow boy :heart::heart::heart: sooo gorgeous, pics don't do justice!
    IMG_8144.jpg IMG_8164.jpg IMG_8176.jpg IMG_8184.jpg
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  5. Wow, that chevron rainbow boy is to die for!!!! I'm obsessed!!
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  6. Though Boy is not personally my style, I love the color/texture of this one. I LOVE your turquoise mini bag. Congrats.
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  7. thank you - it truly is!!! Simply amazing!!!

    Thank you - I honestly also never thought that I would buy a bag in the boy style, but two years ago they had the all black Boy WOC which I fell in love with and now this one... funny, but for the WOC I like the boy style :lol: and the turquoise Mini is from 2014, and I love it, one of my favs
  8. Three stunning beauties, MaryJoe84...congrats!!! I am with you, this season was the season I lost my much beauty....impossible to resist!! You chose well and I hope that your treasures will bring you much fun and joy! :hugs::heart:
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  9. and now, the third one - this gem was delivered to me since I bought it from another boutique (unfortunately my local boutique didn't get it) this was the first colour from Spring/Summer act II that caught my eye, and luckily one boutique in Germany received it in the bag style I like the most... so, presenting the rectangular Mini in metallic turquoise... so stunning, amazing, beautiful - and once again, pics don't do justice... one of the ,most beautiful colours Chanel has released recently :love::love::love::love::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: love it!!!

    thanks for joining my reveal, now off to Ban Island (or so... :lol:)
    IMG_7709.jpg IMG_7717.jpg IMG_7733.jpg IMG_7746.jpg
  10. thank you :hugs: they surely will - and yes, indeed impossible to resist :coolio: I hope Chanel will give us (or better: our wallets) a rest, but I don't think so :biggrin:
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  11. Congrats on all your shiny new Chanels!
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  12. thank you :heart::hugs:
  13. group pic :heart::heart::heart: for me, I got the best bags from this season :love::loveeyes::girlsigh: pretty happy with all three of them :blush::happydance::yahoo:
    IMG_8206.jpg IMG_8217.jpg IMG_8229.jpg
  14. Congrats:yahoo::yahoo:
  15. thank you :hugs::happydance: really sooo happy with my purchases :loveeyes:
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