Three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere?

  1. "Hold my bag."

    LV excepted, of course! Or is it? :s
  2. i sometimes have my BF hold my purse (last time when i had to go into a public toilet!) and he does look a little awkward with it, but still verry cute! ;)
  3. My hubby is 28 and doesn't mind holding my purse at all. I never ask him to hold it long. I've asked him if holding my bag is embarrassing and he says no, that thats an older guy's hangup. I'm not sure if I agree with him, but I think its fine for a guy to hold his gal's bag.
  4. My husband will hold mine if I ask him to, but he holds it like a parcel which cracks me up.
  5. I ask my BF to hold my purse when we're out shopping and I need my both hands to browse :p
    When he has to hold my speedy, he doesn't hold it like we do (by both handles), but holds the part between the handles, where the zipper is. He's trying to look like "Yes, I'm holding a purse, but it's not mine and I'm a 'tuff' man" soooo cute!:love:
  6. husband is a good sport and I only ask him to hold it when I really need him when using a public bathroom. I'll have to observe how he holds my purse next time. I kind of think he doesn't hold it by the handle either!
  7. my bf used to hold it with his thumb and index finger as if it was toxic. But now he just holds it, hehe.
  8. My husband doesn't mind holding my bag for me.

    What I LOVE though, is that sometimes if the kids are going near it, I hear him say, "Don't go near mommy's bag!" Love em' for it!
  9. Forgot to reply to my own post. Duh.

    My DH holds the bag under his arm. Sort of like a't seem to know what the handles are for...
  10. As much as hubby spoils me with all the bags I want and "must-have right now!" bags ... when I ask him to hold any of my bags, he says "Uh ... I don't think so!" LOL! Which is really fine, I don't mind that he'd rather not, but totally would if I needed help.
  11. For some reason, my husband doesn't find it weird AT ALL to hold my bag! LOL esp my LVs!! I do think he likes doing that - makes him feel proud that his wife is carrying a nice bag (i don't think it worries him at all that he's holding a woman's purse hahahaha) But I don't make him carry it - I don't think it looks as good as if it was a woman holding it hahaha! He's never given me grief for it and has even volunteered to hold it for a minute if i was going to try on a dress or pair of shoes in the mall or something like that :smile:
  12. My DH doesn't mind at all.
  13. Now THAT'S somewhat true!!
    Usually I only make my boyfriend hold my purse for short periods of time, mainly when I have a handheld and I need two hands to hold clothing in stores. Otherwise, I hold onto it myself. Any longer than a minute and I think he'll lose it (temper, not the bag, that is)

    In Asia though, it's common to see boyfriends everywhere holding their girlfriends' purses. Not just for a few minutes either...they CARRY IT for their girlfriends pretty much. My cousin's husband does it for her...not sure, maybe they think the purse is too heavy/troublesome for their girlfriends? Not sure. If it's a tote, he will wear it on his shoulder too...I've seen a couple of guys in Hong Kong and Korea hold their girlfriends' Speedys, wear their Neverfulls, sport their messengers (OR it could be the guy's. Not sure)
  14. Hey that is not a bad idea! Kind of a manly way to hold a bag for someone else...they're really just "holding" it that way, not wearing/carrying it...
  15. My bf is always like "ugghhh" lol.