Three weeks of Rain in Sydney -- No H Bags Allowed

  1. I'm just venting here. I have not been able to carry my new box calf HAC, or my beloved Etoupe Kelly, because of the incessant rain we've been having for the last three weeks. OK, we needed the rain, but it's getting ridiculous now. :cursing:

    Do any of you get a form of SAD when weather prohibits the carrying of your H Bags? Or do you just carry them anyway, with no fear of the dreaded water marks?
  2. Haha, well I don't get SAD over not carrying H bags because I don't have any. But I have had SAD from sitting at my desk studying for exams while it p*sses down outside!@!

    Thank GOD today is sunny - go out and carry one of your bags!
  3. What leather is your etoupe Kelly? It was clemence, wasn't it? I carry my clemence Birkin around in wet weather without worry. It has been rained on (and I mean rain, not misty showers) but there are no water marks afterwards. Sometimes I don't even have time to wipe it down and I normally leave it if there's just a bit of water on it. I don't tend to pamper my things too much. But having said that, I leave me toile/barenia or box leather items at home when I know it will rain or shower. So basically, any leather that can mark, blister, etc. I don't use in wet weather, but good ol clemence is fine, well, has been for me;))
  4. When it rains here, I grab my clemence Massai, GP, Acapulco, Herbag...and future togo Birkin. All of these do OK in the weather. Also my chevre Kelly and Bolide. It's really only the boxcalf that I refuse to take out, and having said that, I did last year, it blistered, then it was 100% fine.

    I also wouldn't take toile out, but not only because of the weather, but adherance to old traditions such as no toile in the cold months.

    By the way, that's why they provide you with the little raincoats. LOL! I wanna see you striding down Elizabeth street with your bags in raincoats, A!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I can relate, I have a box kelly and when it rains, she stays at home. But, I was caught in a rain when I was at H store, my SA loan me an umbrella but still rain splatter onto Kelly. I wiped the rain off with a tissue and it's A-0-kay :tup: I think Clemence should be ok in rain :flowers:

    Edited to say, yes, I used the raincoat after that as the drizzle became pouring thunder storm :tdown:
  6. Grab yourself a gorgeous umbrella and defy the rain!

    Leave the box at home but carry the rest.. I do and they have been fine. Your bags are too lovely to be neglected.
  7. I have same problem with my Birkin, too. I'm afraid to bring it out while it rains, especially mine is a loan from my mother (she still reluctant to let it go, even the Birkin spend most of its time with me)...

    Is it safe to bring a Birkin Togo while it rains ?? I'm afraid that water splash will leave mark at the leather surface ... (I'm quite lazy to cover my Birkin with the raincoat)
  8. togo is fine! I have personally been in the rain (walking around) with my togo Birkin.
  9. Togo is fine Erlinawibisono. Just wipe it off when you're finished.
  10. Oh, man. It is a challenge isn't it! Carrying another bag after you have H just doesn't quite cut it. I am in Seattle and, except for my box kelly....I carry them anyway! (I have togo and chevre bolides) I find, if I "dust" the drops off a bit when in doors, my bags are just fine. hNe :heart:
  11. Thanks for all the responses! I shall brave the weather with my Clemence Kelly!

    GF!!! LOL, yeah, right, walking down Elizabeth St with one of those Raincoats!

    It's sunny now, remarkably enough!! Sydney is so unpredictable though -- and in a downpour, umbrellas are useless!
  12. ^^ Maybe you should get a trim for rainy days..This is what i do.. :smile:
  13. This last three weeks I've been thinking how perfect the Trim would be !!
  14. Actually three weeks of rain in and of itself, *H* bags or not, would be enough to give me SAD! I carried my Trim (box & vibrato) a lot during the winter and got caught in the rain a few times. No probs at all. No evidence of water marks (thankfully).

    How about putting it inside one of those Longchamp bags? Just a suggestion...

    Hope the weather clears up for you soon!

  15. ^That's agreat idea - jasper, you need a trip to Longchamp for a pliages!!