Three top factors that influence your handbag decision

  1. I am just curious, what makes us decide if we want a handbag or not?? Some of us are committed to a particular style, and some are committed to a brand. Personally, these are my top three: Color, Functionality, and style, price and quality all ranked equally.

    Color: I will look in my closet and visualize how the handbag color will fit majority of my clothes. I am basically a two-bag person, meaning one bag for work and one bag for weekend. So that bag for work needs to last the whole quarter (I work in a school) and that bag for weekend needs to last the whole weekend. I do not like to take my junk out and redistribute them everyday, too much trouble.

    Functional: The weekday bag must be light, and all my stuff needs to fit in there. Bag must be sturdy, because occasionally the laptop is going in there. Weekend bag must be light, small to medium size so that it will fit on my lap or back of my seat when I am enjoying a meal at a restaurant. I don't want to sit on only 2/3rd of a chair while eating. I have a bad shoulder so the bag must be able to sit comfortably on it for the entire day I am out (if I am out), and sometimes that can be 6 to 8 hours!

    Style/Price/Qulity: Am not a stylish person, by my own standards, although I subscribe to tons of magazines. My usual attire is T-shirt and jeans with flat shoes, so I don't follow a particular trend and neither does my handbags. If it is a style within my budget that I think will fit my wardrobe, I will consider it. However, quality is important to me. If it is a bag that I think I will be using for years, i don't mind paying top $$ but the quality has to match with the $$. I guess this is the reason why I am so obsessed with Chloe right now. The Chloe bags are not cheap, but with the current sale, I think they are "relatively" inexpensive with the quality of leather/bags that Chloe produces, so they are "value" purchases for me. Hahaha, this is the only way to justify going crazy over them. The bags I got, I plan to use them forever!

    Well, as the new season's colors do not intrigue me, maybe my wallet will take a break.

    So, ladies, what do you look for when you buy a handbag??
  2. acshih, you give a lot of thought to your purchases, (which is a very good thing)--my hubby does the same with anything he decided to purchase, however, I'm more impulsive, especially with fashion. I loooooove fashion and everything that goes with it, but particularly bags!! So, I'm an easy mark for a great bag on sale. I've been known to buy a bag, then look for the outfit to go with it. I am somewhat picky with styles, and find that my taste changes often and I rotate the designers that I carry, but definitely look for quality and value in my bags. I think that's why I've become 'Chloe' enamoured. I do change bags often, usually to go with the clothing or style of clothing, but find I appreciate the 'timeless/go with all' appeal of the Chloe designs and they are one of my favorites. However, that said, I'm not wreckless in my purchases. I do wait for sales, unless I just can't wait and the bag will not ever go on sale (i.e. my JC Ramona in Navy) and I sell my older bags to help fund some of my newer purchases. I'm probably more 'bag obsessed' than the average woman, but it's my one shopping vice.
  3. This thread is a great idea, it really made me think how I've ended up buying all my bags!:lol:

    I think the most important thing to me is that the bag matches my style, and looks gorgeous enough to catch my eye! That's where I start from :graucho:

    The quality is important to me, and how does it relate with the price... if I pay a lot I rather want leather than a coated canvas, I just love luxurious leathers!:girlsigh: And then I'm facing the facts: if I can afford it or not :sweatdrop:

    And for colours I try to avoid buying many bags in same colour, but I like to have many different shades in my favourite colour range (browns & creams)

    ...I buy bags that aren't super functional if I love everything else in them, but I do always think carefully if I can manage with the bag or not....I saw a cute maggie framed bag in sale but it was soooo heavy, like carrying 4 paddingtons at the same time! I couldn't justify getting it even it was quite lovely, and the price was great!
    Oh and I'm carrying same bags every day, from work to weekends :smile:

    Edit: oops that was more than top 3 factors sorry :p
  4. I'm amazed at how differently we approach things so far! I feel like I have morphed into a collector. I want to have every Chloe that appeals to me - eventually. I look for style number 1. Unique attention getting stuff. I am a designer and a visual person and I don't give a hoot about practicality or quality of leather - LOL! I've worked with all kinds of grades of leather in my footwear jobs - which probably makes me happy that at least you get good stuff with Chloe for the money - as we should. Number 2 - I want a variety of colors and textures. That includes pythons, patent and pony hair and I have all three going along with classic grainy leathers. Okay - so my leopard print pony hair is a Prada but it still fits in. Chloe doesn't do leopard. Number 3 - which is really a combination of 1 and 2 - I want it to ALL LOOK GOOD on MOI - with what I am wearing, size and proportion wise, etc. If a bag has all these things I won't even care that much if it is heavy or uncomfortable. And I won't worry if it will go out of fashion. If it still looks good - and you know if it does - you should be able to wear a bag indefinitely. Circle around to being a "collector"....
  5. my factors:
    1. style/quality: well, it has to be well made to justify the price =p but yeah, going for the understated but chic style that's timeless
    2. functionality: I try to have a piece in every size, tote/flap/clutch
    3. price/brand: price is an issue, the more to be forked over, it better last longer =p
  6. Wow, good question! I really had to stop and think about this one. What I discovered is that I'm a complete impulse shopper:shame:! If I see a bag and I think OMG... I gotta have this then I get it. Once I get home I play in it a bit then it either goes in the dustcover or I immediately transfer my thing into the bag. If it goes into the dustcover than I usually don't love it that much. If I find that a brand new bag has been in my closet unused for 2mths plus thats when I figure maybe I didn't love it after all.
    So I guess(after all that rambling) my three deciding factors are
    1. my immediate emotions upon seeing the bag
    2. The color
    3. How long it sits in my closet
    Very unnerving to admit this shameful behavior to myself and out!
  7. Ali W as a collector I trust my first gut reaction (preferably an IRL siting). To me that's your most untouched, unbias opinion. It's the unswayed view before price, availablity, label etc. etc. starts to effect your decision. Don't get me wrong, all those factors should play in, but you have to feel the love at the onset. Still how many times do we settle for a bag because of, let's say a great deal??

    Why I almost did it myself recently but I had to go back to my basic premise and stop the transaction because ultimitely that purse would be in a dust bag or on a shelf unloved and unused. Or worst yet, begrudgingly toting the thing out of guilt. Therefore not 'on top of my game' i.e. feeling unconfident, unattractive, regretting the money.:sad:
  8. Wow...interesting thread. Made my stop and think. I typically purchase bags that I have seen in the store, then leave the store and can't stop thinking about them! If the next day I am still lusting after the bag...then I have to have it. But I must admit, I am truly drawn in by the gorgeous leathers of the chloe bags. OOHH and the colors. I love the colors. I wear a lot of black so a great pop of color in my bag just makes my day. And ok, if I am being truly honest, if I am having a really crappy day nothing makes me feel better than a new purse
  9. How very true Ali, Love at first sight is sooooo important. I also try to think why I don't use certain bags and some factors are weight, size, accessibility to my stuff....and thats why certain bags tend to just sit there. While I do find that I just don't love some bags as much as others.....
  10. Great thread!!!

    I want to say the quality is my first factor, but then I bought my first Paddy sight unseen.

    So I have to be honest with myself and say style/visual appeal is most important in my decision to buy a bag.

    But my decision to *keep* it is largely based on tactile experience: if they bag feels great in my hands and on my shoulder, then it stays.

    Thus quality, becomes part of the price factor: I will buy and keep any bag based on the above, but to spend over a certain limit (ie $500) then the bag has to be finely crafted. :heart:
  14. 1) is my heart pounding at first sight?
    2) does it compete with another bag in my closet?
    3) can I visualize myself carrying it? Looks and Function

    If the answer to all 3 is yes, then I buy it, bring it home, play with it with a few outfits, and either keep it or return it immediately!

    Of course I have made a few mistakes along the way...
  15. 1) OMG OMG OMG! It's sooooo beautiful! I must have it!
    2) hmmm.... how much is it huh?
    3) am I actually going to use it or just keep it in the closet?

    In truth, there's one TDF paddy on eBay now that I absolutely must have even though I'm not sure if I'll use it or not. But.... one huge obstacle here --> I am still on a purseban:push: