Three things you love to do?

  1. 1) Cooking
    2) Shopping
    3) Spending time with those I love
  2. Im not going to say spending time with those I love, because to me-thats an obvious choice. So I will put down 3 others lol
    3)Traveling, actually Road Trips! I love being out on the open road.
  3. *Being with my Family
    *Making my car pretty
  4. 1-Shopping for anything
    2-Reading - books , magazine , online articles I love reading about almost any subject
    3-watching Yankees baseball games
  5. OK, I amgoing to say family is a given too...and tPF ;)

    1) curling up with a good book
    2) Dancing with my hubby
    3) making someone smile
  6. 1. spending time with my boyfriend, friends and family
    2. shopping
    3. going places ive never been
  7. 1.)Shopping
    2.)Reading. I haven't had much time for reading lately though.
    3.)Talking to my friends or family.
  8. Reading a good book in the afternoon sun with bf
    Enjoying a good meal with good family/friends.
  9. 1) making jewelry
    2) shopping, hello!
    3) doing nothing when I don't have a test to study for, that's the best
  10. 1- SLEEPING
    2- eating/cooking/going out to eat... basically anything food related
    3- spending time with loved ones


    For #3 I was going to put watching tv/movies but I thought it made me sound too much like a fat lazy pig lol. I really do like my loved ones more than tv! I swear!
  11. 1. Being with loved ones.
    2. Shopping.
    3. Watching sports.
  12. 1) eating
    2) shopping
    3) sleeping
  13. Well, besides shopping..
    (In no particular order):
    1) driving, playing with my cars (car related activities)
    2) cooking, eating out (food related activities)
    3) cleaning and organizing
  14. 1) Spending time with my SO, family & chihuahua
    2) Shopping
    3) Going to the beach
  15. Shopping
    sleeping(including my daily naps)
    doing my makeup!! I love getting dolled up..