Three Tanos, Three Colors... which color for which bag?

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  1. Hihi, Tano :biggrin:

    I've decided that I absolutely NEED a Sexbomb, a Minilisa, and a Boogie Bucket. I also absolutely NEED a bag in blueberry, raspberry, and grape.

    Which color of each bag should I get? I can totally see the merits of each bag in all three colors but I am not in a position to go that nuts. Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Ooh boy, that's a tough one!!! I say, Minilisa in Grape.....Boogie Bucket in Blueberry and Sex Bomb in Raspberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Those were my choices too!:tup:
  4. GRAPE Boogie
    RASPBERRY Minilisa
    BLUEBERRY Sex Bomb
  5. #5 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    Grape Boogie
    Raspberry Sex Bomb
    Blueberry Minilisa


    We are of no help to you, methinks, as we all have different ideas, LOL!!
  6. Lols, it makes me wish I had a giant pile of money so I could get everything in every color! Like, I thought I wanted a blueberry Minilisa and then I saw someone's grape photo and then I saw the blueberry boogie IRL and so on and so on!
  7. You can't go wrong either way! I think you would be best served by getting a Boogie in blueberry, a raspberry Minilisa, and a grape Sex Bomb. Here's my reasoning...I have a Boogie in raspberry and it's awesome, but I wish I had gotten another color in the Boogie and saved the raspberry for the Minilisa (I refuse to have different bags in the same color, lol). I love the black trim on the raspberry, but I think that it looks best as a monochromatic bag, which the Minilisa is. I think the grape looks best with silver hardware, which is why I chose that for the Sex Bomb. And the blueberry is a great everyday color to go with jeans, etc. and the Boogie is the best everyday bag, imo! Good luck deciding!
  8. Hmmm...

    Raspberry Minilisa (have you seen this bag/color combo! it's tdf!!)
    Grape Boogie Bucket (i own it, i LUV it!!)
    Blueberry Sexbomb (not sure as I've never seen this but I think the SB would look good in any color)
  9. omg thats tough! this is like purse algebra... three equations and three variables, solve for each!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm I think I like the minilisa in grape, sexbomb in raspberry and the boogie in blueberry.... the boogie in grape is hard to find already so if you can get that thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn boogie in grape and minilisa in raspberry and sexbomb in blueberry! haha! I have no idea, I think you could do this in the dark and pick any random combination and you'd be fabulous to boot!

    The one thing to consider I suppose is which color you ABSOLUTELY want the trim with because sexbomb and minilisa don't have trim... so whichever one you like with black best is the one you should get in the boogie!
  10. My vote:

    Grape Boogie
    Raspberry Sexbomb (I love just saying that, lol)
    Blueberry Minilisa
  11. Grape minilisa, raspberry sexbomb, blueberry Boogie. That's my 2cents.
  12. :tup:ITA! I love the grape with the black trim and the raspberry without contrasting trim.
  13. I would suggest:

    blueberry- minilisa
    raspberry- sex bomb
    grape- boogie (if you can find one!)
  14. Thanks so much for all your input :biggrin: This is totally complicated by the fact that I am waiting for the eBay cashback to go back to 25% so I can feel more comfortable buying a bag :biggrin:

    I thiiiiiiiiiiink I am gonna go blueberry boogie, grape sexbomb, raspberry minilisa... but I'll post pictures of whatever I end up with :biggrin: