1. Wow! Three words, Kiren. To. Die. For. Oh, and enjoy ...
  2. ooh Kiren I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!:smile::smile::smile:
    Three stunners for real!!
    Modelling pics please.;)
  3. Thank you! I intend to :smile:
  4. Thanks! Okay. I will but later today as I am still in my pjs and I am not sure my tweety pie pink pjs will do the bags the justice they deserve! :biggrin:
  5. Mad much?! Totally understood here though!! WOW!!!! Love them all! :love:

    I've love snakeskin effect anyway, so this is perfect! The partial reveal close up of the large lily (which made my heart skip a beat, btw!) looks pinkish - is that true to life?

    I would have a hard time deciding as well - they're all so beautiful! Good luck on deciding if you decide not to keep them all :biggrin:
  6. Three true beauties well done.
    I love the small lily the best its ab gorgeous would love that in my collection but its good im chained to the sofa for my own sake. :lol:
  7. They are all absolutely gorgeous and i wouldn't like the decision of which to send back! In my experience if you send one back that you love just because you feel guilty you will end up feeling so down about it that you'll go back and buy it anyway! So you may as well keep all three! sorry that's probably not much help!
  8. Wow - three stunning bags!
  9. The nappa conker Lily is beautiful! Haven't seen one of those before! :smile:
  10. Gorgeous bags
  11. How beautiful - congrats!!:biggrin:
  12. OMG I love all of the them
  13. All so beautiful! Especially the smaller lily, she's a stunner! Must have been so good opening three mulberry parcels :p
  14. OMG, what gorgeous bags! That conker color is simply to die for! Congrats!
  15. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my new bags!! Makes me love them even more! :biggrin: cupcake; I am not sure about the pinkish hues I think that may be because of the grain of the leather and the lighting. Having said that the smaller lily does look a deeper colour
    I will use a lily later today..
    Question to all; do you think it's silly to keep both lilies? Even though they are the same colour but different sizes?