Three Resellers and Three H Boutiques and no rouge vif, chevre bags!

  1. Ladies,

    Last week, I went three H boutiques and today I visited three resellers. Not one single rouge vif, chevre bag (in any style!) :crybaby: :crybaby: (Of course, I saw other red bags, such as vermillion, rouge garance, rouge H, etc.)

    The only rouge vif that I saw was a 30 Birkin at Mika's store (she was VERY nice!). Conveniently, Mika posted on her blog today a photos of the bag that I saw, which I have taken the liberty of pasting below:


    I can' quite remember the name of the leather -- started with "ande...". Mika noted that it was a discontinued leather. The bag was "specially priced" at around $7600. She explained that the reason for the special price is that although it is new, it's an H blind stamp. (Also, I noted that the clear plastic on the feet and other parts of the hardware were also gone, and it didn't quite look spic and span new, although it didn't look used).

    According to Mika this bag was taken out of back of the special VIP inventory from one of the regular stores from which Mika's store buys their bags.

    Of course, I asked Mika whether they had or were expecting any rouge vif chevre shipments. She said "no".

    Mika said that many Japanese customers don't like the "center line" (the back part of the chevre?) that you typically see in the chevre. She also noted that generally bright colors do not sell well in Japan -- gold, blue jean, black, brown, are the colors that sell, not bright colors.

    Before leaving Mika's store, I gave the fuschia ostrich Birkin 30 a twirl (Kou, of course, I was trying to send your way good fuschia ostrich vibes while I was modeling it)! It's TDF for and cute, but I think I am a rouge vif kind of gal. Mika noted that the fuschia ostrich Birkin is VERY popular in Japan (kind of contradicts the bright color theory that she mentioned earlier, but maybe it's the fuschia pink exception?!)

    PS -- Lilach,Mika's store had 4 croc birkins, one of which was a bi-color birkin. Tons of croc bearn wallets. I definitely liked Mika's store better than the Loire Tokyo store.

    I then walked to the end of the block, to another Birkin reseller, where I modeled a beautiful rouge garance, taurillion clemence, Birkin 30 with pink stitching. No rouge vif, chevre bags here either.

    My final stop was the reseller where I bought my black, togo birkin a while back. Of course, they had no rouge vif chevre here either. However, I saw (and fondled) a couple of cute chevre bags:

    a used 20 Kelly orange chevre, gold hardware (would look adorable on Ninja Sue!) for around $3000
    a new 32 Kelly black chevre, palladium (tdf) for under $6000:love: :love: :love:. (I am thinking about this one.....)

    Believe it or not, this entire H reseller window shopping tour took me only 1.5 hours during my long lunch break today.
  2. Hi tokyogirl...thanks for sharing! Love reading any info on Mika and her gorgeous bags! Btw, did you manage to get a glimpse of the prcie for the Fuschia Ostrich Birkin 30?
  3. Hi, baghag,

    The fuschia ostrich Birkin 30 was priced round $15,300. Note, prices here are negotiable. :graucho:
  4. Hey TG! Great post... I love reading about everyone's bag searches......sorry you didn't find your bag - you know shopmom will fight you for the black chevre kelly!!!!! The rouge vif Mika is madelling is sensational!!! What is the leather???
  5. This was a very nice read...thank you for sharing the details. I enjoyed it.
  6. thanks, Kristie! I wouldn't be surprised if shopmom took the next flight out to Tokyo for that black chevre Kelly. I had no idea how beautiful chevres were....

    I can't remember the name of the leather in Mika's photo. It starts with "ande...." HELP!
  7. thanks, kellybag:flowers:
  8. Tokyogirl, what a wonderful report! It feels like we were right there with you trying on fabu bags. Mmmmmmmm, 20cm orange chevre!!
  9. Ninja Sue, it would have looked fab on you! :graucho:
  10. You are too cute, Tokyogirl!! :flowers:
  11. I think it's a leather that Duna has...hang on, I'll have a look......
  12. Ardennes??
  13. Kristie, yes, that's the one!

    Even if I remembered the name, since it was expressed in the form of Japanese characters, I wouldn't have been able to get it right in English.
  14. niiiiiiice leather.......ohhhhh - wish they still did ardennes.....mmmmmm!!!