Three questions

  1. NM's christmas book is out and swear i did not see a single Chanel item, unless i am blind?

    Is the Seattle Nordstrom the only Nordstrom that carrries Chanel and the upscale desgner shopns?

    I have seen somewhere online a new chanel black bag plus a pair of beige and black pumps and i keep hearing about the new bags with the chanel logos on it - is there a pic available?

    does chanel make agendas?
  2. I think that's 4 questions?

    #1, I *think* there was some Chanel in the Christmas Book, I can look again.

    #2 Yes, Seattle Nords is the only Nords w/ Chanel as far as I know.

    #3 I *think* I may have posted this photo, I'll check

    #4 Absolutely! Check out the Accessories thread in the Reference LIbrary.
  3. ^actually, Nordstrom in topanga, ca, has just re-opened and now carries chanel!
  4. good to know!:yes:
  5. are these the shoes?

    The bag, did it have CHANEL spelled out across in in silver?
  6. same color but no they were pump and at the ankle was the cc logo in black.

    The bag was black .. smallish in shape and had no logo but had CHANEL spelled out in silver hardware on the front ...

    I think i saw it on chanel amour. com ..
  7. i want them both but not available here in hk and if i wait till dec when we move back home to ny, doubt they will be there. Anyone know where i can call to order???
  8. The bags w/ CHANEL spelled out in silver are the Rock Chic bags. there may have been one in the Christmas Book! LOL!
    There's some photos around here I know, my NM is full of these bags, so is my Chanel come to think of it.

    I'm not sure which shoes you saw.

  9. I know that NM has that bag so I am sure they have the shoes too. The bag was a very soft lamb which seemed to me, could easily scratch. I think there is a thread about that bag or a thread with a pic in it...
    The Christmas book was disappointing. They only had a Chanel book in it. :sad:
  10. You can call Shannon tomorrow at 972.629.1700, she'll ship you one.
    If not, you can call the Dallas Chanel store at 214.520.1055 and ask for Alexis {male}.
  11. aaah, I know the shoes now! Let me see if I can find anymore info.
    Which color Rock CHic bag do you want? I think there's eggplant, black and maybe a grey and brown{?}
  12. There's the Rock Chic bag in the NM Christmas Book on page 15, it's in eggplant, that's a larger one, there's also a smaller one.
  13. thanks swanky momma,you area doll, that would be number 9 so i just need one more, that is why i was looking for the one with all the logos ,
  14. I don't understand:confused1: :shame:
  15. The eggplant looks great but i would get very little use out of it ... maybe grey? I have a lot of grey outfits ... All my chanels except 3 are black ...