Three Questions for LV VIPs, I am curious to know...

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  1. 1. What does it mean to be an "LV VIP"?

    2. When one says they "maintain" their LV VIP status, what does that mean?

    3. And, finally when a LV VIP states that as an LV VIP they "receive amazing offers from time to time," what does that mean?
  2. VIP or VIC.
    a VIC gets to use a private room in the store when shopping and gets gifts and invites.
  3. i want to become an LV Vip =]
  4. 1. You get to use a private room when shopping and they kiss your tushy.

    2. You still spend a lot of money there.

    3. You do get great gifts(bookmarks, cards, key chain, etc) from time to time.
  5. What about the LV party? why do people have to buy things from there instead of the boutique? is it because there are more item?
  6. well if you ask me...

    1. I get excellect service.
    -This does NOT mean that I get to go to a secret VIP room, because I think often times it depends on the size of your local boutique, and our boutique is quite small (despite having the most sales in the country) and we're not a flagship boutique, so I have never been into a VIP room before. However, I have gone into our LV offices which is for their employees to discuss about stuff.
    -Everyone knows me, I call, and people pick up the phone knowing it's me cuz my number's on their caller ID.
    -I can chat with the SAs naturally and express my thoughts and concerns, or even say some stupid jokes without worrying how they'll think of me.
    -It's these LITTLE details that I like.

    2. Ummm.... I guess it's excellent service again and getting the things done the way I want.
    -eg. Order an item and I can get it shipped from anywhere in the country within 1 day with no charge.
    -eg. Getting on waitlists first.
    -eg. Checking out new items before the release date or looking in the lookbook which is actually not allowed to be shown to customers.
    -eg. Holding an item longer than it's supposed to when I can't make it to the boutique.
    -eg. Doing things exactly the way I told them to like when I got my heatstamp done 3 times for my Suhali Le Talentueux. The clochette was stamped wrong, so my SAs basically took down 2 other Suhali bags' clochettes (which can no longer be sold, until accessory parts get shipped in months later) to get the stamping done right. I didn't even ask them to do this and I would have just accepted the 1st stamping, but I guess I have nice SAs.

    I must mention that our boutique recently changed managers and the new one apparently wants to do everything by the books. As you can see, I'm not very happy about that. I like the lil perks, or special treatment if you wanna call it this. I think it's UNFORTUNATE that my local LV will soon lose me after the holidays (I will still buy from other LV boutiques though). I do not like the new manager, I do not like her ways, it's not like I have no money to spend elsewhere, and she should realize that keeping longterm clients means more than just following the rules. As my mom says, business is about money and money is never fair.

    3. I personally have not received any "AMAZING" gifts and I'm not interested in gifts at all. I think service is more important than any gift. However, I do have a MC bookmark (which was NOT given to me as a complaint-gift since some PFers will tell you this). As for the parties and cocktail events, I've been invited, but I've never attended any cuz I'm not a people-person. I don't like to socialize much cuz I have better things to do and I would NEVER shop in a crowded time like that, which is why I always shop in the mornings or early afternoons on weekdays.
  7. I'd like to add that one does NOT need to spend X $$$ every month, or at least I don't. It really depends on your relationship with your SA (or SAs for me, but I do have a main SA) and everyone in the boutique. Personally, I don't spend tens of thousands of dollars cuz I'm just a student, and I know there are actually a few other VICs who spend much more than me. However, I was told that "its cuz you're nicer than them"... So it goes to show that personality and the way you treat/respect people is equally important.
  8. I think being a VIC and having a good relationship with your SA are two totally different things!
  9. I know there are more VICs or VIPs out there! Give me your 2 cents!

    Oh, and tell me exactly how you use the private room when shopping? Is it like a dressing room? Is it a room with bottles of champagne and caviar and chair massages? Do you get naked :nuts:with the bags in there?! What is it for?
  10. I think that there is a difference between VIP and VIC. A VIP is not necessary a client, a VIP can be a celebrity or someone important. A VIC is a good client.
  11. Yeah I agree with most everything Cecilia said.
    You do get party invites, which are nice, gifts from time to time (I've gotten the Pateki puzzle and the crystal trunk), etc.
    You don't need to spend a certain amount, specifically, but if you have a good relationship with your SA, they can "bump you up" on waiting lists and invite you to parties, etc.

    Oh and to add in case anyone wondered, the elux VIP thing is different, you have to make at least one purchase a year (no specific dollar amount needed) to maintain your status, send catalogs every so often and upgrade your shipping for free. Nothing super special there.
  12. How much roughly do you need to spend before you can become a VIC? And would it have to be at the same store so they know how much you have spent?
  13. ~Yep...I'm super curious as well. Will be following this thread closely:popcorn:!~
  14. I keep trying but the SA's at my 2 boutiques are either mean or clueless or constantly busy. :sad: According to another thread, the customer service at my boutique (Vancouver) is among the worst, and I don't doubt it.
  15. There is no set amount. Take TPF for example; there are people here who have made only a couple purchases and are considered VIC's and others who have made a lot of purchases and are as well.
    As I said, a good relationship with your SA is key, they have the "power" to put you in that category.
    Most all stores can keep track of how much you spend, however, it's best to try to always deal with the same store/SA so they see that you're loyal to their store. That's key as well.