Three old dudes & me: Hermes Las Vegas

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  1. So I returned from a little trip to Las Vegas - we had an aviation budget meeting there for the western region, and it was great. We flew down early in the AM on Tuesday, so we dorked around outside and went out to the lake, and capped off the night with sushi, sake, and big honkin margaritas in giant football containers.
    I went down with my boss, our logistics officer, and a maintenance test pilot from our sister unit out in Eastern Oregon. It was my first time hanging out with him and he's a total blast!!! :yahoo: Don't tell anybody, but he slept on his bathroom floor that night :roflmfao: But that is neither here nor there....:biggrin:
    After the meeting got was time for some retail therapy. Destination? Hermes!
    I'm amazed that the three dudes had enough patience, because I was probably in there for a good hour. But it was totally worth it, because it's one of the closest stores to I've earned myself an SA (who has indicated that he knows some of you ladies...:sneaky: )

    We had a grand time looking at scarves, belts (ok so the lagoon one is absolutely TDF in case anybody is wondering...) and a Lindy made out of their new leather, which sounded like vert swift - but the vert must not be right because that means green... What other word would sound like that? He said it was new - it was similar to box, with MORE of a sheen but a bit sturdier, and possibly easier to scratch. It was very wonderful feeling and I highly recommend checking it out. It was in a new color called biscuit, which is in the gold family but a bit darker. It is lovely! Though when he told me about the black matte croc one they had...and then the black with white handles and piping....:drool:
    Needless to say, I learned that the Lindy looks really good on me and I was right about it being my grail bag :yahoo:
    Since we are all in aviation, I showed my boss the Lindy and he thought it was a totally cool bag!!! He was really into it! He even said his wife would love it...then he asked me how much it was. heehee...well...let's just say the guys' reaction was a little bit as expected. But don't worry, I converted them and got them to admit that everything in the store was LOVELY and great after I showed them what I purchased. But as one of them said "I can't believe there are bags that cost more than a SADDLE!!!!" Priceless. :roflmfao:

    There was a lot of great stuff there...a gorgeous saddle, Evelynes...the palette of colors of ties was amazing!

    I did walk out with an orange box, but I can't post a picture because it isn't something for me. I didn't have the budget to get me a present AND a present for someone I went with the present for someone else.

    Thanks for reading my little story, everyone! Since the closest H is in San Francisco...these occasions are very exciting for me :biggrin:

    One bonus to the trip was we flew down in a government plane, so no security or waiting around!!!! And the kicker is, while we were gone, it started snowing up here in Oregon! Yikes! Talk about good timing! Another bonus is, we dropped the MTP off at his facility in Eastern Oregon, so I got to see a dear friend of mine that I met down in Arizona. It was so good to see her, she is such a good friend. All in all, a great trip!
  2. Candace, what a fun trip. I love going to Vegas although I haven't been there in awhile since DD was born. The Vegas H seems lots of fun. I definitely need to check it out the next time I'm in Vegas. By the way, that is so sweet and generous of you to choose buying a present for someone else over buying something for yourself. Thanks for sharing your fun adventures!
  3. I forgot to mention the minor freakout over my raisin Karo! One of the SA's snatched it away and ran off to show the others! Apparently they are the hottest commodity in that store...especially in raisin!!! Soo Miss Raisin got tons of love on Wednesday, she loves the attention...;)
  4. Candace, what a great tale! so glad you had fun & it sounds like there was oodles of interesting things to see in the store!
  5. candace -- I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Vegas! Sounds like you saw some really lovely H items. The black Lindy with white handels sounds interesting. Did you see the matt croc Lindy? Sounds devine.
    So glad you were able to see your friend and have a break from the snow! :smile:
  6. Loved reading about your adventure in Sin City. I think guys of a certain age really appreciate quality made products and even when the products are luxury goods for the ladies they can get into the mechanics of how they are designed and how the design is carried through.

    And of course, you are such a sweetie to purchase for your friend when I am sure there must have been a bazillion things you would want for yourself.
  7. I'll keep the fingers crossed for your Lindy. I hope it will be soon! The gentlemen's reaction to H and the "saddle" bit is priceless. :yahoo:
  8. transcendent, it was hilarious because he didn't say it in the store...he said it while we were looking at the water show in front of the Bellagio....:roflmfao:

    My SA gave me the Hermes magazine and the little fantasies indiennes catalogue...and the MTP told me I better not let his wife see those :biggrin: He never should have disclosed that he made 8 grand a month while he was in Afghanistan...because I was adding up how many Hermes bags I could have bought with that :s

  9. I wish I could have met the matte croc Lindy :sad: But I didn't. The SA told me they had to do something special to the skin to get it to slouch together like Lindy's sounded really interesting!!!
  10. What a great post, Candace and congrats on the orange box Gift!! Love the "big honkin margaritas" too...LMAO.

    Yeah, can you believe SNOW late this week? 8" in some of the more rural areas 'round here!!

  11. I got the strawberry daiquiri in my football, which was made with 151 UGH...needless to say I drank like 1/3 of it and sold the rest to some dude riding up the elevator with me in my hotel. :biggrin:

    It's so weird because it was still snowing/hailing yesterday on my drive home from work - and sUNNY at the same time...I love the NW!
  12. Great post, thanks candace! Your co-worker can SO afford something for his wife, lol, maybe you did some enabling, hopefully.
  13. Yes I did :biggrin: Especially when I showed him the scarves...they all thought the silks/colors were VERY VERY nice...they were visibly impressed :yahoo:
  14. Candace, so it's set - a leather Lindy as your first H bag and a croc Lindy when you get promoted :devil: And you deserve it :yes:

  15. violette croc???? :girlsigh: LOL I will have a Lindy in every color...I want a raisin one, a lagoon one, and a rose shocking one...ok ok gold will be my neutral :biggrin:
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