Three new bags *pics*!

  1. Help! I got my packages today from my SA and need to choose one or two.

    The one that is shaped like a football is stuffed in the picture. When the filling is out it is quite deflated and fits nicely under your arm. I'm loving that Python and have some great shoes to wear with it. I will attach if I can find pic.

    Enjoy and help me pick!!
    CIMG0833.jpg Python2.jpg Python3.jpg Python4.jpg RedTote1.jpg RedTote3.jpg CIMG0009s.jpg
  2. I love the python, its so fab! So i pick the python and the beautiful tote bag..
  3. Beautiful bags!! Def. Python for sure. If you can pick one more, I will go with football shaped one. Congrats!
  4. talk about different people and different tastes.. I'm gonna have to be the first to say I like the 3rd (the pink/red?) tote the best!
  5. I'd choose the last bag pictured. It's a beauty!
  6. The third looks younger and more casual than the python. So, depend on how casual or formal you want, pick one of these. Forget the first.
  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the python! Tough decisions...
  8. Definitely the PYTHON! How bad is the damage? Cos I want one too.....;-P

    I'd pick the 3rd one too! You can't wear PYTHON everyday's a higher maintenance skin! That Red one will be good for everyday!
  9. Python is gorgeous, if you can afford it, but it might not be practical. Although the first shape is original, I love the PNY tote at the end, that's on my wish list!
  10. Pretty! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous bags! You can't go wrong with any of them, but I do love the python.
  12. maxter, I love all of them, but I'm partial to red, so I'll have to go with the last red one? BTW, what's retail on the red bag, 5th pix?

  13. I like the last one most out of the 3. All are beautiful though!
  14. I like the second and third. Return the first!
  15. Oooh!! I love the tote bag, it's darling!! And if you can keep two, then my second vote goes to the python! But if you end up returning the tote, have your SA hold it for me! :graucho: :lol: