Three movies you hate??

  1. What three movies do you wish you could erase from your memory?

    for me it would be:
    1. Lady in the water
    2.The Pest
    3.White Chicks
  2. 1. The English Patient
    2. Batman Returns
    3. Texas Chainsaw (original)
  3. Gigli (I rented it and fell asleep while watching it. I had no desire to go back and see what I missed.)

    Anything directed by M. Night Shaylaman. (For some reason, I want to say I find his movies pretentious.)

    I Know What You Did Last Summer / I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (The plot did not make ANY sense. And those teenagers did something to piss that fisherman guy off, and they don't get why he wants to get revenge on them?)
  4. The Whole Nine Yards
    The Nineth Gate (Not even Johnny Depp's hotness could help that movie!)
    Swordfish (from what I remember, the only good thing about it was Hugh Jackman in a towel!)
  5. Sorry, one more:

    Cabin Fever. It was stupid and funny and not at all scary. (Only disgusting). I only watched it because I was bored, and it was on HBO. And Rider Strong is hot.

    The movie only teaches you to drink bottled water or beer when you go camping in the woods.
  6. 1. The Spiderman movies. I just can't get into those kinds of movies.
    2. Scary Movie 1,2, and 3. I find these movies so stupid and pointless.
    3. The Spy Kids movies. The first wasn't so bad, but the last two were horrible.
  7. 1. Lieberstraum (filmed in my hometown and the WORST movie I have ever seen)
    2. The Big Lebowski
    3. What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams most DEPRESSING movie ever)
  8. -The Exorist- (sp?)
    Takes the cake!!!
  9. -Dukes of Hazzard - i fell asleep in the first part of the movie
    - jackass - all of them, i just dont get that stupidity...!
    - bad santa - i guess i just dont like those types of movies
  10. 1.) Pirates of the Carribean 2--WTF? Where's the plot?
    2.) Lady in the Water--I want the two hours of my life that I lost watching this piece of Sh*t back, Shamalayan!
    3.) Once Upon a Time in Mexico--I couldn't even finish the film, had to turn off the DVD.

    That's two strikes, Depp--and to think I once had you on my "Hot Babe" list!
  11. Hmmm... Well, there was this horrible Willie Nelson/Kris Kristoferson movie my Ex watched one time and would Not turn it off. Happily, I have already forgotten the name of it.

    It has taken a long time to erase the horrible carnage of Pulp Fiction from my mind.

    And there was this awful film called Dream A Little Dream about 20 years ago that made little sense. One of the "Cory"s was in it.
  12. lady in the water
    the sign
  13. Down With Love
    The Wedding Crashers (Not funny imo)
    The Village
  14. gigli- ALLL of those stupid jackass movies
    scary movies.. not that funny
    especially the last one
  15. heeey I LOVE'd white