Three Men and a 'Lady'....

  1. I say 'Lady' cause this puppy ain't fooling anyone wearing the white tissue again :sweatdrop: (her acquisition I mentioned a few days ago within another thread)

    [​IMG] ..... *this strip-tease will be quick!*

    *This reveal goes out to the men of the forum, and is an ode to one of tPF > Hermes' lesser featured icons of the Hermes stable that I'd dearly love torn from the grip of executive gift-shoppers. Now if that isn't a big hint, I don't know what is.
  2. :yahoo: a reveal !!!
  3. Yippee, ties!!! I love them and so does my DH!

  4. How exciting, we don't get it often enough in this forum!!!!
  5. [​IMG]...

    Ulysse MM - Gold Veau Togo - With plain page insert. Such an expanse of Togo, at a surprisingly 'low' price :smile:
  6. And the new loves of my life... 3 Cravates Liverpool

    71/29% Cotton/Silk Liverpool Beige
    71/29% Cotton/Silk Liverpool Blue
    100% Heavy Silk Liverpool Grey/Black/White

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now, I'd never, and would never plan to invest in three such beautiful things in one hit - but here they are. Three great, classic staples
    that I'm very very excited to put to use :yes:

    which to wear tomorrow?? :wtf:

  7. Congrats :yahoo: !!!
    I love your new ties and your Ulysse !!!
    For tomorrow ...the silk black/grey/white :yes: !!!
  8. Congratulations! I love Hermes ties. Thank goodness I don't wear them, or that would be another obsession!
  9. Congrats on your new things. I love the ties:heart:
  10. Congratulations on your H. purchases. They are very nice. Love the ties (My DH is starting a small H. tie collection as well!)
  11. Love the ties!!
  12. Great new H for you!! Congratulations!!
  13. Love!
  14. Congratulations!!!!!
  15. Lovely!