Three MEGA reveals and Two mini reveals

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  1. Juda, I think the only Cabat missing from your collection is an ostrich in a gorgeous blue. Each kitty would have a matching Cabat!! Just a thought!

    hmmmm - Baltic Ostrich Cabat????
  2. I just passed out.

    They are all amazing.

    Could I borrow the purple CABAT, please?
    ha ha ha
  3. Kroquet - you are bad.
    I don't need more enabling.
    No more handbags for me at least until Christmas :sad:

    Of course you can borrow the cabat noddanard
  4. Well, it was just a thought and I was only trying to help!:roflmfao::roflmfao::hugs:
  5. Juda, do you mind telling us how much is the purple ostrich cabat? I had to come back today and look at your pics again....
  6. So true, hikarupanda. I had to come back and see. I am just :drool: over here.
  7. I kept coming back here to gaze in awe and ended up saving your family pic of all your cabats just to look at whenever. Hope you don't mind Juda! They are all just soooo gorgeous :girlsigh:
  8. I can't speak for Juda and her phenomenal Cabats, but when I saw one in the store 2-3 yrs ago, the last time they made one for regular collection, it was between $15,000-20,000. I don't recall the size, but usually they have the medium size. I know that's vague, but it gives you an idea of how expensive Ostrich is along with the extra work involved in making a Cabat.

    Considering the special circumstances in Juda's case, the cost may have been quite different.
  9. :amazed: :faint:

    I can see I am never going to own anything in ostrich. ;)
  10. Thank you boxermom.
    The price is in this range depending on the euro rate therefore the year the boutique purchased the bags

    I was able to locate 2 ostrich cabats, but no more cabats for me.
    One is off- white grayish from SS08 collection retails at USD. 26,500 they are offering 10% discount
    The second one is Yellow from SS09 collection no discounts but the price is less (USD21,500)

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  11. I just came back to drool at the cabats!! Love them Juda!
  12. Of course I don't mind sngsk , this is very sweet
    I will post more pics later, especially for you ;)
  13. Wow, I hardly ever post, but these bags are just heavenly!!!

    Congratulations, you must be one happy lady!
  14. Thanks for the additional info, Juda. Like everything else, the prices of Ostrich Cabats have gone up significantly. I would guess that the US market doesn't see as many Cabats as the rest of their stores around the world.
  15. #135 Jul 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    I love the ostrich cabats...will there be any crocs in the future? The croc one on 5th now is just breath taking is everyway! So chic, so intricate, yet very easy and effortless! I love it!