Three MEGA reveals and Two mini reveals

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  1. Sometimes quantity over quality is good - I financed most of my purchases by selling my other handbags - they were many and they were all excellent brands with high resell/resale? value.
    But they do not compare to BV quality and craftsmanship.

    Now I finally get what quality over quantity means - I am planning on buying a maximum of 1 or 2 handbags per year but they must be exceptional.
  2. Juda - you are such a lovely person! They are all gorgeous bags and you will get many years of enjoyment from them.

    Still, I must say that copper is TDF!!! And the croc bag is stunning!
    Almost forgot, but which one is the favorite of your beautiful kitties????
  3. I too am speechless. Didn't even know they made cabats in ostrich. The purple is my favorite, but honestly before your noce cabat, I wasn't a fan of noce, but this is exquisite. Wear them in good health. My hubby is pretty good about my handbag insanity and even surprised me recently with my LV Melrose, but 4 cabats...I must show him your reveals. Your husband must be a GEM.
  4. O.M.G.!!! That purple ostrich :faint::faint::faint:

    All your cabats are TDF... an amazing collection. You are definitely the cabat queen :yes: Congratulations!

    Am gonna keep coming back to gaze in awe.
  5. Congrats on the fantastic reveal. Love all of them especially the purple one above. :nuts::nuts:
  6. Thank you for telling us some of the background story of how these bags came to be yours. I think it was meant to be. You are the customer Tomas Maier designs for. The person who notices the attention to detail, the handmade craftsmanship, and the knowledge that it's perfect for you, whether anyone else knows it or not.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
  7. Well said, Boxermom. It is the subtle luxury that counts.
  8. They're wonderful, Juda! They were meant to be yours. Enjoy!
  9. Lovely post Juda ah but you lied to me .....

    You said I wouldn't pass out when I saw these bags. --Oh my gawd, I love ostrich. I'm off to Paris in 3 days, I'm looking for an ostrich medium cabat.. if not then the peltro--I'm hooked.

    Thanks for posting, glad you were able to get these beauties and they are worth 10x more than whatever you sold in beauty and style.
  10. Well said Juda. Congratulations. Very very beautiful bags. I am in tears looking at your BVs and reading you. You are an awesaome person. I am too is a private person. I come from a country where, generally, people like to show off their brands much more the logos. Only very few people know BV here. It's only when I go out of my country, especially in Italy that people appreciate my bags. But I don't care because what's important to me is how I feel my bag. And I love BV so much.
  11. Two more confession to make; when I was deciding on my newest purchases I stayed away from the forum because you are such enablers.

    If it wasn't because of uclaboi, jburgh and ssc0619 I wouldn't have bought the tea rame cabat - but I can't thank all 3 enough. The tea rame is an exceptional cabat that I love - it is a piece of art.

    But now I realized that you are the best, with your knowledge, honest input and generous comments you are shaping and fine tuning my taste and bag collection. Thank you all

    The second confession: the more handbags I buy the less handbags I use - I recently go out with only my blackberry, keys and wallet.

    I just love the smell and even the stiffness of a brand new handbag.:shrugs:
  12. ^^Me too. I have been known to stick my face into the dustbag for some deep breathing.:blush:
  13. OMG - I DIE!!!! this is amazing and i bet it is really light
  14. LOovee your cabats!
    Im working towards one. congratssss!
  15. #90 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009

    They were SO for a Gala dinner and an auction by Harvey Nichols Dubai- that's what I was told.
    Only these 3 handbags were available from BV, they also had 2 YSL downtown in Ostrich and Croc.
    They do not have any cabats at the BV boutique or at HN and there is a long waiting list. But I was very lucky - thanks to you -to get not 1 but 4 Cabats.

    I am getting a lot of attention carrying my copper cabat, the only I have used so far. Not only because it is beautiful but because I keep folding it in then out. As if it is my 1st handbag ever. I must look really stupid.

    I prefer to carry it folded in but I know I will eventually carry it properly - the way it was designed.
    The open top doesn't bother me. I still mind a bit that it is wide (that's why I fold it) but all the other aspects of the Cabat compensate.

    I will take and post detailed pics for you to check the new bags