Three MEGA reveals and Two mini reveals

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  1. Ohh, love both, but the purple... oh, the purple! congrats you choosed two great bags!
  2. Oh. My. God. :faint:

    I said if they are Ostrich, I'd scream--:yahoo: can you hear me???

    These are beyond beautiful! They must both be SO's. Is the purple one Lilac? Maybe I couldn't find the color code because it's not a standard leather/color combination? It's just sublime.

    Juda,, congratulations! Wear these with joy and in good health. This makes my weekend. (would anyone besides purse fanatics understand:nuts:?)
  3. OMG!!!!! Wow, what wonderful Cabats!!! I am green with envy, but only in the best way!!! You are the Cabat Queen!
  4. Wow. They are truly drop dead gorgeous!! I don't know how you will decide which one to carry everyday!

  5. Wow again!
  6. they are all tdf but that noce ostrich cabat is my absolute dream bag.
    enjoy them all. you have an amazing collection. more pictures please.
  7. I am...speechless...:faint:
  8. Congrats Juda! You have an amazing Cabat Collection!!
  9. Beautiful!!
  10. .

    I'll be coming back often also, to drool :drool:. I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight!
  11. Ooooo BIRDY! I love ostrich and it wears like iron. And the croc satchel is so ladylike, love it so. What a haul! Which one are you wearing first?
  12. :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint: I am speechless!!! Oh, Juda!!! Those are the most beautiful cabats that I have ever seen - bar none!!! and your other handbag is just the most elegant piece of croc I have ever seen! I love the way it looks and am just dying to touch all three bags! OMG!!! Now, I know to what I will aspire! Breathtakingly beautiful, all three!

    OK, I am now upping the ante... I will be saving for the ostrich cabat... were they special orders??? Where are all the other ostrich cabats??? Congratulations, my friend!!! This is indeed a mega reveal, and you are the cabat queen!

    Though you have not said, how is it to carry an open bag? Any special tips? And I cannot believe how beautiful the frame croc bag is...:faint: I will have to save for that one, too! Enjoy your incredible collection!!!
  13. Aww, Juda, kroquet is right, you are an instant cabat queen indeed!


    I am simply envious that you can get all these beauties in a snap, congrats!! My fav is still the tea rame, but all are so lovely...:heart:
  14. I'm speechless over here too Juda- and I second, third, fourth and fifth everyone else who has said that these Ostrich Cabats are absolutely the most beautiful BV creations that I have ever seen. I have always thought I needed a Cabat one day but wasn't sure anything I had seen yet was THE ONE - now I know that one day I have to have an Ostrich Cabat... colour as yet undertermined!

    And yes, are they SOs?!
  15. WOW!! Had to come back for another look! I am just in awe of the beauty!

    Juda - many, many congrats and enjoy!!! Just remember me if you ever tire of the copper baby! hahaha

    If I ever meet you, I will have to curtsey to the Queen!! :urock: