Three MEGA reveals and Two mini reveals

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  1. OMG, I love Peltro--- You got it, I'm green w/ envy.

    Waiting patiently.......

    I don't know if I'll be able to breathe if you show us a peltro Cabat.

    OMG, later today, just read that post, Vattsup w/ that?
  3. :drinks::popcorn::whiteflag: Please show us.......
  4. Let us see!!!

    PS I had to Pm Mid to find out about the perfume sachets! I am so dense.
  5. :woohoo::happydance:What a tease you are !!! Show us pics:yahoo:
  6. LOL- I didn't know either
    They also come with certificato di originalita :nuts:
    Sorry for the bad photo quality :shame:

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  7. I can't stand it more bags on top of the recent two cabats. you are my idol. Also I don't know about the items in your mini reveal, what are they.
  8. can't wait for your reveal.
    love, love, love, your cabats so can't wait to see the new ones.
  9. Why there are no attempts to guess?:pout:
    These are my last purchases for many many many years to come or that's what I told DH :P

    I attached clearer pics of the box of the 2 mini reveals

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  10. more pics, please!
  11. i couldn't even begin to guess. after those cabats i can't imagine.
    but i can't wait to see.
  12. I will start with the 1st mega reveal, it is not a bag that I would usually buy, it is suitable for an older person.
    But it reminded me of a Kelly, a croc Kelly to be more exact
    It is one of these purchases that i will either love or hate with time
  13. It comes with a mirror

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  14. And since I know that you like comparison pics.
    Here it is with the Large Veneta in Ash

    Attached Files:

  15. Juda,
    This is not for an "older person" kind of bag AT ALL - it is gorgeous, classic, timeless piece that just screams "elegance".... Beautiful, simply stunning!!!