Three MEGA reveals and Two mini reveals

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  1. Wow! Your collection is AMAZING!
  2. I totally agree! The reason why I love BV bags is because it's so subtle and not 'in your face'.

    Congrats on your Ostrich cabats. They're TDF. We're all so happy for you.
  3. Sorry that I'm late to the party. Your new buys are incredible! 2 Ostrich cabats & 1 croc tote!!!!!! Every single piece is a work of art! Congrats & wear them well! :smile:
  4. :ty:

    Janinevs - I really appreciate your posting, since you don't always post
    boxermom - It is interesting to know what is the US share of limited edition handbags. It wasn't easy at all locating the cabats, but I was very persistent
    foxie-pooh - I see croc , in the future but not cabat unless I don't have to SO, I don't have the patience for SO :smile:
    bags4fun - Wow I saw the fish that you caught in Alaska, that's what I call amazing
    spendalot - That's what is special about this forum we are happy for each other ( and we really mean it)
    shopaholic&baby - I really hope that you will get your amazing reflect cabat before your birthday ;)

  5. Juda's response to this describes perfectly what I love about the BV subforum. We really are sincerely happy for each other. Only once or twice have I seen posts where people were showing off, and they didn't stay here very long, because we aren't interested in that. We are eager to admire and learn more about everyone's BV items.

    I'm human and envy what some others may have, but it's not a negative feeling. I feel like others are sharing their wonderful bags and accessories with all of us.
  6. Boxermom, great post! I totally agree with your thoughts. I find the ladies in this forum to be such a nice thoughtful group. It is a great place to hang out!

    It seems like the personality of the forum group is like the personality of the bags--low key, not in your face, and classy!! :smile:
  7. I love reading posts in the BV subforum too. There're new things to see & learn from here everyday (and my poor jaw drops a few times a day when I see all the amazing pieces!). Many of the BV friends here are so knowledgeable and helpful! :urock:
  8. Hey, this is profound, ssc! I love it.;)
  9. Ladies, your comments are so beautiful!
  10. They are beautiful !!!

    I for one give credit to this forum for helping me find my prince (brand- BV) - with reference to all the frogs, prince and cabats posts :P
    Lots of trials and errors until I found the brand that really works for me.
    Your opinion, honest input and genuine comments made the whole process much easier, a lot shorter and definitely more fun :nuts:
  11. Oh Juda! I don't know how I missed this thread.

    OMG, three GORGEOUS cabats. Two birdies. I'm with Pat, I would love to get an ostrich bag someday. For now it's I'll enjoy yours.

    Major congrats to you. Which one to use first?
  12. piperlu, I see you've got yourself a peltro cabat. Now THAT, I'm definitely jealous of ;)
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    Last edited: Jul 26, 2009
    :faint::amazed::girlsigh: what she said! OMG! OMG! OMG! thank you so much for sharing....what a joy to just L@@K at them!