Three MEGA reveals and Two mini reveals

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  1. I would like to start this thread with an open letter.....
  2. Well it is more like a small message...
  3. show us...
  4. Dear Mr.Maier,

    You do not only have an exquisite taste but you are also a very clever business man.
    Not having any logos on your handbags make us want to buy more from your boutiques just to parade with a Bottega Veneta shopping bag
    I get an incredible high just carrying the bag with the strategically placed Bottega Veneta name; especially when I see people looking at me either with envy or admiration but always giving me the nod of approval for having an exquisite taste for buying your products
    And I look back with a special look that translates: Yes I am blessed to have just bought BV items.
    I find myself not only collecting your handbags but also shopping bags - am I weird? Don't we all do crazy things for the stuff we love?
    Of course, the more we buy the more BV shopping bags we get - it gets a bit (too much) addictive.
    And yes I was bit very hard by the Bottega veneta bug.

    Best wishes,


  5. :woohoo:
  6. I will start with the 2 mini reveals ...just for you LV-Prada

    Attached Files:

  7. And for Mid

    Attached Files:

  8. Now for the 3 Mega reveals, I need some guessing :graucho:

    I will give you few hints I recently bought 2 cabats - that make cabats out of the question? or maybe I really love the cabats and bought even more cabats :nuts:

    The 3 are exotic skins - not the coco lave cabat :sad:
  9. I Havn´t visited the forum in a while, nice to start with some reveals! :smile:
  10. I had the same dilemna like last time between the 3 handbags and like last time I decided to buy all three.
    I should start working on my decision making skills :shame::shrugs:
  11. just in time catch a live one
    possibly more Cabat?
  12. Don´t worry! You did the right thing, getting 3 BV bags is much better than just one! ;)

  13. I am sorry but the reveal will be later today, these bags deserve to be introduced properly ;)
  14. :s oh ok! looking forward 2 see them!
  15. #15 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    What a great way to start! I love these! :P