Three little packages. . .

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  1. Hehe, three little packages:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. :nuts: show us show us!!
  4. Well hello teeny-tiny unusable pushlock:
  5. Hello super soft purple suede:
  6. And hello RED!
  7. pretty pretty pretty! Show more!
  8. Tease!!!! Take it alllll off!
  9. Woah! I love this metallic grey LZW. I can cary it as a clutch to my BFF wedding, no?

  10. we need to see them now, don't tease us please,,,,,,,
  11. i'm excited! but i'll have to wait until i get home to see the goodness!
  12. And while I JUST got another pair of purple MJ flats, I'm not sure I can send these back. . .

  13. oooohhhh pretty!

    that metallic grey is great! you can def use it as a clutch!
  14. Oh, and this baby just totally KILLED me! KILLLLLLED!

  15. flats! you are the queen of soft, comfy flats (while tad is the queen of always breaking in flats). i love those!