three HG's in two weeks (come share the excitement!)

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  1. I believe one becomes a certified addict when impulse purchases are justified by saying, "this is my last pair for the year" or, "this is going to be my birthday present to myself."

    Well, it's a week before my birthday and sure enough, I'm already at three "gifts" to myself. This doesn't count the pair that's due to arrive soon! :lol:

    So without further ado, who's ready for some reveals? (note: excuse the novice level of photography)
  2. Ohhh , real one !
    Am here :woohoo::woohoo:
  3. I'm here too! :popcorn:
    This is so exciting THREE HGs!?!?! :nuts:
  4. I'm here and excited!
  5. I'm here three:smile:
  6. yes, let's begin with some guesses. Don't worry, you will not see pictures of boxes nor dust bags. :P

    clue #1: I am related to the Calypso
    clue #2: I came in nude, fuchsia, black, and violet
    clue #3: I am the exotic type
  7. Live one ladies!
  8. no guesses? looks like I'll just have to post the first pair!

    introducing the Maggie
  9. 1 down! 2 to go! :couch::couch::popcorn:
  10. Maggie shot #2

  11. ^^ NICE!
    Loves it :heart:
    Next one next one! :popcorn: hehe
  12. presenting, the NUDE youplis, #4/49 the last pair in the U.S.
    unfortunately, they came somewhat dusty
    this is after the first conditioning treatment.

  13. the final pair was actually the first of the three purchased
    I saw it on the new fall/winter CL's
    panda is my enabler for this one :flowers:
    introducing the Peacock Python VP's Medievo

  14. Here's the last pic for the night, thank you ladies!

  15. Wowza!! Congrats on getting three beautiful shoes!!
    Love those VPs on you!! :drool: