Three HGs in a overload...

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  1. Ahh ink makes me meeelllttt! You lucky, lucky girl, you!!! Also, can't believe that beautiful FBF!!!!
  2. wah... wht lovelies...
  3. love your Ink city,it's absolutely gorgeous!!
  4. Thanks, everyone!!! I am seriously over the moon with these 3 bags (especially the Black City and the FBF)...Bal-content FOR THE MOMENT :biggrin:
  5. :girlsigh: i keep coming back to take a peak at the pics of these beauties
  6. ^^ Me too. Shhhh.
  7. ohh rere, and then there's yours too!!! :cloud9:
  8. Ok, mod pics of my Flat Brass First... gawd, I love this bag!!!

    1. Held in crook of arm:

    2. Worn on shoulder:

    3. Held in hand:

    4. Worn on shoulder, using long strap:

    5. Worn cross-body, using long strap:
  9. aw.... you wear it so well! So cute!!!
  10. Great pics and cute outfit!
  11. Oh my... That black city is absolutely gorgeous! :nuts:

    I'm gonna go to bed now and dream about it.
  12. The FBF looks perfect on you!
  13. The FBF looks SUPER on you, MichK! :love:
    It's such a must-have bag for any true collector - congrats on snagging yours! :yahoo:
  14. The FBF is beautiful and as always you wear it wonderfully!
  15. I LOVE them ALL! How will you ever choose anything else to wear over these? Seriously droolworthy!