Three HGs in a overload...

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  1. MichK OH MY WORD! Your INK CITY and 05 SS Black CITY AND FBF are the HG you definately keep forever!!! You are so lucky to have all of them ( but you also have many HGs ^v^ ) Now, I am on a hunt for something with INK!!! I am supposed to be on a BAN until next season......!!! anyway, Big congrats on your HGs!!!
  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON SUCH AMAZING FINDS!!! :faint::woohoo: All of your bags, especially the City, look so buttery soft. :tender: Just....WOW!! :shocked:
  3. congrats congrats congrats! will you finally be changing the words in your sig? :P

    You're killing me! :shocked:. Ink. 05 black and fbf!!!

    Congratulations!!!! Enjoy them in good health! Does the fbf fit much?
  5. OMG!! I AM SO JEALOUS!! Your bags are amazing. And your Black City. DROOOLING!!! Just affirms my decision that I need a Black oldie. Amazing! Congrats again! Did I say I'm so jealous!!??
  6. Uh...ooohhh :weird:...gorgeous leather overload :faint:! These are all SO amazing, MichK!!
  7. Wahahahahaha!! I think I'll do exactly that - might be a good way to sell my bags, too :P

    Thanks, everyone! You guys have really made me feel a little less guilty about all these purchases.

    Tokyo - you know, I feel my collection would be complete if I only had these 3 bags. They're perfect!

    glossie - yes, I think I'm now finally Bal-content. BUT I'm not about to declare that to the whole world, because you know how that works out (right, RERE? ;)).

    naima - the FBF fits a little less than a City... quite a lot! It's larger than the newer Firsts... I love it!
  8. Wow!!! All those HGs are TDF! How lucky you are! Congratulation!
  9. Congrats on three gorgeous bags!

  10. Congrats! They are all beautiful and classic colors.
  11. beautiful bags! gorgeous doggie! congratulations Mich! :yahoo:
  12. Muahaha, "Bal Pimp!"

    You should consider yourself a Bal Pimp under your avatar! LOL. And its true, please don't ever declare to the entire tpf world that you're 'bal-content.' What a huge mistake that was! I had to hide purchases from my dear friends for what felt like forever. :shame:
  13. Wow... three HGs? You're one lucky girl. All of them are absolutely TDF. Big congrats.
  14. {{le sigh}} I love the FBF most of all.
  15. Congrats! The leather on these pieces all look so soft and chewy! Great buys!