Three HGs in a overload...

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  1. Oh, forgot, RERE - this is my first FBF. Have been hunting for a good one for a looooooong time... but most are either too bashed up or ridiculously priced. This was perfect.
  2. Al gorgeous Congrats
  3. Wow the leather on all of them is to die for. They are all gorgeous, I like the Ink City, then again I am a huge blue Bbag fan. Congrats on finding them, and enjoy!!
  4. They are all gorgeous and Congratulations on owning all the 3 HGs, MichK. [​IMG]
  5. MichK, these bags are soooooooooo gorgeous... that flat brass first... I want it!!! So happy for you. And agree, 05 leather is gorgeous, got an A tag last month :biggrin:
  6. :nuts:michk you scored 3 fab.gems!!! my favourite is 05 black city!!:graucho:omg look at the leather!!!:rochard::ps::urock:
  7. Don't you just love that? The bag is better irl than in photos? It doesn't happen often, but love it when that happens. I did see Louis F's transformation; it was amazing. Like a brand new bag. Seems like LMB is refining their process, kwim?

    Super deals going on right now (yeah yeah, its not $500 for the 05 BC, but still!) - so happy you're apart of it. You deserve it. :yahoo:
  8. Love your ink city!!! The leather looks so smooshy!!!
  9. Wow, all great purchases, but the ink city is so amazing! I didn't know you were a city gal.

    How are you ever going to decide what to let go of in order to keep these three?!
  10. I love the all, MichK! Congrats on scoring 3 gorgey Chevres!
  11. Congrats! The leather on all three looks amazing. You'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of these!
  12. :faint:
  13. All so gorgeous Mich! Your collection is enviable!
  14. what a gorgeous couple!! great finds, s/s 05 black is bal bag perfection :graucho:
  15. Just fabulous! Love them, congrats!