Three HGs in a overload...

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  1. Thanks, everyone!

    Ruirui - pup is my darling.. he's a little too "shaved" at the moment, because the groomers didn't understand what I wanted! Most times, he's incredibly fluffy.

    Meganka - I'm trying to sell as many bags as I buy... so the collection isn't that much... now, am just trying to assuage my guilt for buying so many bags, so I'm listing a number too. I wonder if I'll ever be truly content!
  2. Holy hot mama!!

    These finds are definitely on the top of everyone's list! (No wonder you're letting go of that Officier Twiggy, this Ink is stunning!) I had Ink before too, she was lovely in a First. Wish I had it in a City though.

    Where in the world did you find that A tag 05 Black City? Have I been sleeping?

    And that FBF, is this your first FBF?

    All are stunning. If I had to choose a favorite. I'd choose the Ink City. And the Black City. :amuse:
  3. Oh michk, your bags are gorgeous!!! How did you manage to find these bags???
  4. Three gorgeous Bals, and one adorable pup. All very smooshy and huggable! Congratulations!:tender:
  5. wow.. i am in love with all of your new bags!! Especially your FBF!! Congrats and thanks for sharing =)
  6. MichK, you must've been great at treasure hunts back in school, lol!

    Congrats on all 3 stunners - look at that leather on your 05 Black City! And OMG, 06 Ink! You are so lucky!! *faints*

    Do enjoy them and wear them in the best of health!
  7. Congrats on your three gorgeous bags. Enjoy.
  8. Many congrats on finding three of your HG's. I especially like your Ink, gorgeous!
  9. :drool::drool::drool: OMG those bags are AWSOME!!! They all look soooooo beautiful!!!
    You are one LUCKY gal! ENJOY!!!
  10. Gorgeous oldies MichK! You always manage to score such smooshy chevre! Can I caress them? :P Congrats!! :nuts:
  11. Can't wait to see your modeling shots! :flowers:
  12. Congratulations! What incredible finds! That ink city is beautiful. And the leather on the black city is just :faint:

  13. oh, wow!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Cities and your First! But look at that Black 05 City!!! SUCH an amazing leather!!!
    CONGRATS on finding your HGs!!!:yahoo:
  14. Oh WOW ... this morning there are so many amazing bag reveals! I love them all. They all have amazing leather ... congrats!
  15. Awwwww.... thank you, guys! :hugs:

    RERE - I think it did happen while you were sleeping! The seller listed the bag at about 4.30am EST...which was in the middle of the day for me over here... I happened to sit down at my comp a short while after the listing went live... and my eyes almost popped out of my head. I stared at the pics over and over again... it looked a little worn, but I was inspired by Louis Fanatic's wonderful LMB refurbishment of her 05 City that I thought I might try something different for a change - get a bashed-up City and refurbish it. So, I offered the seller $1,000 and she accepted it. When I got the bag, it looked so much better than in the pics! Only slight rubbing on one corner, the rest were perfect, slight wear at the top seams and that was it! The bag is definitely broken-in (just the way I love it) but no marks, tears or signs of wear on any other part of the bag. So, I don't even have to send it to LMB now! It's perfect the way it is! (Ok, that was a looooooooooong story.)

    There's another funny second bit involving Louis Fanatic, but I don't know if she wants me to tell it ;)

    The Ink City was a similar story :biggrin:

    So, now, I'm as happy as a clam - I got both my 05 Black City and my 05 Black Work for $1,000 each. Yippee! (Still can't beat your $500 05BC, RERE!)