Three HGs in a overload...

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  1. #1 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 15, 2009
    This thread is reminiscent of RERE's, I have to say... Just when I thought I was getting very close to being Bal-content, I finally found 3 bags I just HAD to have... and they all turned up within a few days of each other. And all 3 were GREAT deals - what could be better?

    What this means, I now have to kick out bags from my collection to make way for these 3 HGs of mine!

    No long story, this time... Just loads of pics of the bags! :biggrin:

    First up, 06 Ink City!


    S/S05 Black City - finally, an "A" tag! This bag is soooooo buttery, so smooshy, with fluffy, distressed leather... All that hype about "A" tags is true!


    And here's a pic of my 05BC with my pup, who obviously doesn't appreciate Bals!


    And then, the bag that I'm over the moon with - 02 FBF!!!!

  2. 05BC with 02 FBF


    And, finally, the 3 new additions together. And, that's all folks!

  3. They are all so beautiful, congrats!
  4. Wow, the leather on all the bags is fabulous! The ink city is amazing, what a beauty! Congrats!!
  5. WOW - amazing additions MichK - I love that you've embraced the oldies! :heart: They're the best!

    I love your "A" tag city the most. That bag is soooooo on my wishlist! :heart: Congratulations!!!!! :flowers:
  6. ink......:drool:
    Lovely bags - and great pix
  7. truly, all of them are HGs!!!!!!! huge huge huge congratsssss
    i love your black city most, i dream to have that bag!!!
  8. Thanks, guys!!! It's so nice sharing my purchases with you :tender:

    Beaux - I've learnt that the oldies are the best! Can't beat the leather. I feel as though my collection is complete with just these three, you know? (Yeah, RIGHT!)

    Meganka - I searched long and hard for that Black City! I was very lucky and managed to score this one for a great price... and it was so much better than described!
  9. Look at all of that smooshy, scrumptious goodness! WOW! I esp. love that Black City--it looks so soft! Congrats. on your trinity! Enjoy!
  10. omg they are all so beautiful, many congrats Mich :yahoo:

    Especially love love love the 05 black city, a HG of mine too!!
    you are so lucky =)

    :drool: :girlsigh: this is perfection!

    love your doggie too :heart:
  11. I almost faint when I saw a leather on your Ink. Love them all! Such a great score!!!
  12. Wow! Congratulations!
  13. That 05 Black City is YUMMMMMMY!!

  14. ink rh city is fabulous~!
    i love your puppy,too!!
  15. Mich, this beautiful black city definitely worth the long search! you are so lucky to get these dealsss

    please show us family pictures of your collection! you have so many many gorgeous HG bags