Three held in bizarre murder of British student in Italy


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    By Malcolm Moore in Perugia, Nick Allen and Richard Alleyne
    Last Updated: 3:20am GMT 09/11/2007

    The American girl accused of murdering the British student Meredith Kercher, who allegedly died in a violent orgy, made a tearful confession saying they just wanted to "have some fun," it has emerged.

    Extracts from Knox's police interview

    Amanda Knox admitted hearing Meredith Kercher screaming but did nothing to help her

    Amanda Knox, 20, broke down in her police cell as she told Italian detectives that she invited Miss Kercher to join an impromptu drunken party in the house they shared in Perugia.

    Knox, a student, said she and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 23, ended up in one bedroom while Miss Kercher and a Congolese bar owner, Patrick Diya Lumumba, 37, went into another. "We were drunk and we wanted to have some fun, we invited Meredith to join us," Knox said.

    She admitted hearing Miss Kercher screaming but stuck her fingers in her ears and did nothing to help her. "I can't remember how long they were in there together," Knox said, according to extracts of the interview published in an Italian newspaper.
    "I can only say that at one point, I heard Meredith scream and I was frightened so I blocked my ears. I don't remember anything after that. My head's all confused. The incident has left me very disturbed and I am very afraid of Patrick."

    Today Lumumba, Knox and Sollecito are expected to be charged with murder and "participation in an act of sexual violence". Police believe Miss Kercher's throat was cut after she refused to have sex with one of the men.

    Italian media said that a pathologist's report suggested one person held Miss Kercher down while a second "sexually violated" her.

    Knox, a teacher's daughter, reportedly burst into tears when it was suggested she held her flatmate down. Police said that a footprint found in a pool of blood in the bedroom was "compatible" with Sollecito.

    Forensic scientists are also examining a three-inch flick knife found at his house.

    Knox originally told police that she and Sollecito spent the night at his house and returned the next day to find Miss Kercher's body. Detectives say they broke a window and ransacked the flat to give the impression she was killed by a burglar.

    The police bugged Knox's mobile phone and she was overheard telling Sollecito on Monday night: "I cannot do it any more, I cannot bear it."

    Orders were issued for a series of dawn raids on Tuesday and Knox broke down under interrogation. She burst into tears and made her confession at 5.45am after the interrogator said: "You did it, you held her down."

    [​IMG]Meredith's parents, John and Arline Kercher, and sister Stephanie [centre] pay tribute in Perugia

    Records showing the location of the phone also helped disprove her claim to have been elsewhere at the time of the murder.

    The police chief, Arturo De Felice, said Knox had "crumbled and confessed" under intense questioning. "There were holes in her alibi and her mobile phone records were crucial," he said. Police also found text messages from Lumumba, fixing a meeting between them at 8.35pm on November 1, the night Miss Kercher died.

    After admitting her alibi was false Knox told police: "We met at around 9pm at a basketball match in Piazza Grimana and we went to my house.

    "I don't remember if my friend Meredith was already at home or if she came in later. What I can say is that they went off together."

    Knox, who is on an exchange from the University of Washington, claimed she had played a "marginal role" in the crime. The Italian news agency Ansa said last night that it had seen court documents claiming she "has shown a tendency to lie repeatedly to investigators, implicating the young Sollecito in such a serious affair".

    One story on her MySpace internet page includes two brothers discussing drugging and raping a girl. She also posted a photograph of herself laughing as she plays with a machine gun.

    Sollecito, the son of a wealthy doctor, has apparently admitted telling police a "sack of lies" but denied any involvement in the killing.
    Miss Kercher, a Leeds University student from Coulsdon, Surrey, was on an exchange in Perugia.

    How the sex game went wrong: Judge's report

    Last Updated: 2:46am GMT 10/11/2007
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    The following are extracts from the official judge's report on the murder of Meredith Kercher, obtained by the Telegraph

    They "tried to force the will of the girl"

    "As far as the juridical aspect of the case, there are no doubts at this moment in presuming this to be correct: that there was an initial wish of the three youths to try a new sensation, above all for the boyfriend and girlfriend, while for Diya the desire to have carnal relations with a girl he liked and who was refusing him, and in the face of a denial from the victim, they did not have the presence of mind to desist, but tried to forced the will of the girl using a knife that Sollecito always carried with him.
    Meredith Kercher was killed on Nov 1They succeeded in having some approaches but given the reaction of Meredith they were very hurried and not completed and to this violence it is possible to add homicide since the knife, having wounded the victim's neck on two occasions, penetrated it deeply the third time, leaving the fatal wound".

    "Bored of the same old evening"

    "It is possible to reconstruct what happened on the evening of November 1. Sollecito Raffaele and Knox Amanda spent the entire afternoon smoking hashish.

    On the evening around 8.30pm, while Knox found herself at the house of Sollecito, she received the message from Diya Lumumba who, rather than simply warning her to not come to work, instead confirmed the appointment that evening, having obviously agreed beforehand that the girl would provide him with help in having an encounter with her friend Meredith; Sollecito Raffaele, bored of the same old evening and wanting to try "extreme experiences" as can be found on his blog with the date 13 October 2007 and as he confirmed in the audience chamber (experiences that can include also an intense sexual relation which breaks up the monotony of everyday life) went out with Amanda.

    The two met Diya Lumumba in piazza Grimana around 9pm and went together to the apartment on via della Pergola 7, of which only Amanda had the key.

    It was more or less at this time that either Sollecito or Knox turned off their mobile phones, which became active again the following morning.

    A little after, Meredith returned or she might have been already there. She went into her room with Patrick, after which something went badly, in the sense that in all probability Sollecito came in and the two started to try a swap, to which the girl refused.

    She was then menaced with a knife, a knife which Sollecito usually had with him, and with which Meredith was struck in the throat "On 2 November 2007 at 12.35pm persons from the Postal Police of Perugia went to Via della Pergola 7 in order to track down Romanelli Filomena, since in the same morning Mrs Lana Elisabetta had found on the lawn of the garden attached to her house, in Perugia, Via Sperandio 5b, two mobile phones of which one had the sim card of Vodafone 348 467 3711, belonging to the same Romanelli.

    Upon reaching the destination the agents found outside the building on Via Della Pergola 7 two youths, identified as KNOX Amanda Marie, who lived at that address, and SOLLECITO Raffaele, who said they were waiting for the Carabinieri military police, called because on that morning they became aware of a window with the glass broken and had suspected a theft.

    "With the door opened there was a chilling scene"

    In the meantime, at 1pm, arrived Romanellli, the housemate of Knox who verified that nothing had been taken from the apartment.


    Miss Kercher was a student at PerugiaIn the course of the search it was ascertained that the door of the room which was used by Meredith Kercher, the other girl living in the apartment, was closed and locked and it was decided therefore to break down the door because Romanelli said it was strange that her friend Kercher could have both her telephones switched off, having lately used also the phone with the sim card stated [of Romanelli], and that the door should be closed.

    With the door opened there was a chilling scene in so far as the room was found in disorder with blood stains everywhere, on the ground and on the walls, and also under the duvet of the bed a foot could be seen.

    The agents, in order to avoid any pollution of the crime scene, stopped everyone from entering the room.

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    according to the article in the australian she had made comments to friends about being unconfortable with her flatmate who used to bring men she had met on cafes or online to their flat.
  4. That is seriously such a disturbing story. I hate to say it, but I'm disgusted at the fact that Amanda Knox is an American.

    I feel for the girl that was so brutally murdered. I hope she can RIP and that justice is served to these sick sick people.
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