three flaps.. one more?? HELP!!


Dec 4, 2008
hi guys,

i've recently kind of fallen in love with the new metallic grey lambskin jumbo.. but better half thinks I should not get it as I already have

1) Medium Black caviar classic flap
2) Medium White caviar classic flap
3) Light gold 2.55 Medium size (Not the biggest size avail)

He says it looks the same as what I have, doesn't change my style and give me a different look which is what bags as accessories should do..

My concerns are more on the practical side.. As it's a jumbo I'm prepared to tote it around daily (for work and stuff). It's SOOO pretty.. but I'm afraid lambskin won't take to wear and tear well. I've had the black caviar for a year half now and it's been weathered down a little- I use it daily and even for clubbing etc. How well will this lambskin jumbo take to wear and tear?

Question is: How practical is a LAMBSKIN jumbo to me right now (regardless of how pretty it is..) AND should I get it since I already have similar bags?

PS: Photo credit to minnie04



Oct 19, 2008
i'm a BIG FAN of I wouldn't mind another flap so long it's in another colour from my collection... :graucho:
However to use Lambskin daily...I'm afraid it may not be you said..the wear & tear part..lambskin needs lots of you may want to consider a jumbo caviar instead. HTH :biggrin:


Dec 27, 2008
As much as I like flaps, I don't think lambskin is suitable as an everyday bag. There's just too much going on in your daily activities & one more worry added to it (wear & tear of your bag) isn't going to help. If this is available in caviar, then you should get it instead. If not, why not get the medium & reserve its use for special events & continue to use your other caviar bag instead.


Mar 14, 2009
I agree with the others here--for me, a lambskin is not an everyday bag. I don't tend to baby my bags if I am wearing them. A lambskin flap does work well for me if I wear it a few days at a time and swtich off to something else.


Jan 23, 2007
I'm a flap fan - but IMO, lambskin (even coated like this one is) does not translate well to daily use.

However, as for whether it's too similar to other bags in your collection, I really don't think so. Grey is an amazingly neutral color, and you don't have a jumbo!


Apr 6, 2009
Hong Kong
This colour is gorgeous and the size is very practical. But as other ladies said, lambskin is not for daily use. If you have a lot of flaps already and so you'll use it once for a while only, you should get it.