Three Dog Night...

  1. but actually four. Thanks to everyone's input I've just adopted my third long haired dachshund.. the grandchild to my 2nd dox. This will make four for me and the Fiance - he has Son of 2nd Dox (uncle to new Dox) so it is all in the family. I will get some pix shortly!!!

    So any tips to getting her integrated to the family? While I still live on my own the first two doxies are on such a nice schedule. They know "chow time" and "outside" and "upstairs" and all that fun stuff... wish I could teach the new one but realize it will take time. She is absolutely adorable (and crate trained like the others! :smile: )
  2. oooh, christine, congratulations!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of your family of doxies. I am sure she will pick up the lingo in no time at all. They are such smart dogs.

    Dont tell my other four adorable mutts, but I think my mini weenie is the smartest of the bunch!!! I dream of more doxies!!!!
  3. Congrats. :smile:
  4. That is more doxies than you can shake a stick at! LUCKY!
  5. Congratulations! You did a wonderful thing and your new baby will love you forever!
  6. Congrats.
  7. Congrats. You will be surprised at how much the other three will teach this new dog. I'm sure she will catch on quickly. Just stick to your routine and she should learn it in no time.
  8. I wonder.... isn't "three dog night" a song from the "60's or the early '70"s? Or maybe it was the name of a singing group. At any rate, best to all of you!!! I love happy stories!
  9. Thanks guys for your wishes. :yes:

    She is a sweet puppy. I have been taking pictures and will upload as I get a good pic.

    Right now she's still a bit stressed out.. comes with the ""new home territory" I guess. Hasn't been eating too well although I refuse to cave and give her human food. Well... I sorta caved and have been adding a bit of milk to her food which tricks her into eating somewhat.

    I'm traveling today and the bf has all four (Son of my dog + my three) and is having a great time. Apparently all four dogs can roll in the sun in unison.. wish I was there to see it!

    Leelee -Three Dog Night was a music group from late 60's, early 70's. :smile: (does that date me?? lol). Once me and the bf get married.. well it's going to be a Four Dog Night... every night... hmmm.. time for a king sized bed. Otherwise bf will have to sleep on the floor. ;)