Three Days... just in time!

  1. Finally, I have my small collection of bags and accessories together. I am content, but always looking! The only thing I want to do is get rid of the magenta clutch and get a french blue one.

    :heart: :heart: :heart:

    IMG_1623.jpg IMG_1624.jpg IMG_1626.jpg IMG_1630copy.jpg IMG_1634.jpg
  2. Beautiful days. Thanks for sharing.:yes:
  3. LOVE your pics. GREAT colors! ENJOY!
  4. Another day bag lover! Is that the grass green? The color looks so different there to me - less appley and more jade. Its very pretty. And I like the smoother leather on it.

    What color of red is that? It looks so juicy!
  5. nice days! very nice collection.
  6. Nice collection!
  7. It is vert gazon, and rouge vif.

    The leather on the vert gazon is perfect. It's the thickest of all my bags, and it is very smooth. It isn't as soft as my rouge, but I can tell it will soften with time.
  8. ^^ OMG, major drool action here!!! :nuts::drool::p

    p.s. your magenta's yummy, you should keep her :heart:
  9. yup totally agree!!! major drool fest!!!
    thanks for sharing pics!
  10. freaking GORGEOUS!
  11. thanks guys, I know they are really colorful... but I like colorful bags! The Ink is my neutral bag.
  12. Your bags are really pretty...I love that green!
  13. major drool here girls....
  14. Yowza!!!
  15. Gorgeous... so refreshing to see a bunch of days!