Three Day Sale SS2012

  1. just out of the box Paris Tote midi (vegetable tanned leather) and after six days of straight used.
    PICT4052.JPG PICT4075.JPG
  2. Absolutely stunning! Love love love red leather.:graucho:

  3. Ohhh the leather looks delicious!
  4. and durable (most important for me). Of course this bag had a lot of massage:p
  5. That bag is gorgeous! Love the red leather...hope we see more of it in the fall!
  6. Lovely Red colour! Thanks for posting, Giovanna.
  7. I got my replacement Covet Me, love it so much! The chocolate matte leather is TDF!! With the brass it's perfect! :cloud9: I'll post pics later, right now I don't have good light in the house and we have roofers outside, haha
  8. Very, very pretty. Love the red. Does the midi have that zipper coming out over the top and going down the size?
  9. yes, the color is brown, the red is striking, that I personally don't pay attention to the zipper
  10. That one doesn't look at noticeable as mine. This looks to be a better size than mine, which is the full size bag. I doubt I'll carry it so will probably use it as a gift come Christmas.
  11. Larke, that will be one happy gift recipient!!!
  12. Nunnla I took some mod pic, just to give you an idea. the most easy way to carried my bag is as picture 3, that way I have empty hands to hold my boy (when is need it). Picture 4 is with the messenger strap but shorter.
  13. Lovely pics, Giovanna..the size looks very generous as a midi!
  14. That is definitely a better size, Giovanna. Thanks for posting the pix. When I get a chance, I'll post some pix of the ones I got in the sale. The bucket bag is really cool. Smaller than the Rio without a front latching pocket and drawstrings with tassels on the sides. Definitely a cool bag. I think it's one of Jackie's earlier designs that she was going to produce before she signed up with Marco's atelier. Never made it to production. This would be a great bag for those who like the LM mini (hear that Deb?). I've got it in Fango Chevre (light gray) and have it coming in whiskey chevre - they only made the two. And it's got a rolled tote handle, messenger strap as well as a "bonus" rolled shoulder length handle.
  15. I believe they will be producing it at a later time - maybe in the Fall. I'd love to get this bag in suede and have Marco put a row of fringe around the top - it would match my Uggs.