Three Day Sale SS2012

  1. Can't wait to see the one offs and samples.
  2. No :sad::sad:
  3. The T&C says

    Subject to this, they may be used during sales and against bespoke orders.

    so i am hoping I can put towards something!!!!!
  4. ^I'd email BE to see what the policy will be for this sale.
  5. I emailed BE and they cannot be used during this sale - would have been nice as it pretty much would have covered shipping but oh well :smile: I'm saving mine for a nice bespoke I've had in mind!
  6. Am I late to the party and all the good stuff is gone or was there nothing that spectacular at the sale. Very blah and neutral, nothing colorful. Would have liked to have snagged that MMS Mini in Pink Chevre but that might have sold before the sale
  7. They just corrected me on the use of the giftcards - since it was unclear, you can use them in the sale!!
    Melissatrv, contact BE directly and ask - not all sale bags are up yet on the website :smile:
  8. I picked up an off white chevre Barcelona Midi and a light grey chevre Bucket Bag. I think this one was the precursor sample of the Rio. It's much smaller and has a rolled tote handle as well as a strap. Neither were pictured on the website so I'll post pictures here.
  9. Larke is that the same bucket bag they have in whiskey? They had a grey one in grey fango chevre that looked amazing! I saw it on the website briefly!
    I got an oak copenhagen - i'm so excited!!!
  10. Am I the only one who thinks it is a bit odd that all the sale bags were not on the site and that people could buy them before the sale?

    Melissa - I didn't see anything wow but I guess it all comes down to your personal preference. If you like classic neutral colours, then this was the sale for you.
  11. No , I def think this is an odd way for a sale. I prefer all bags at one time...more fun as well as more correct. I also just read on another thread about a mint coloured bag , which obviously was not updated on the sales site..
  12. I think it is really odd that all the sale bag were not on the site. I also feel that selling before the sale is not the way to do it. Oh well I am broke so no bags for me.
  13. Di, boo to being broke! If you had a money tree, would you have bought anything?
  15. I got my chocolate matte Covet Me but I requested brass hardware and this sure looks like silver/gunmetal to me. :shucks: